Sushi Robot: Robotic Technology that Supports Food Culture – Suzumo Machinery Co., Ltd. –
One-Step Prediction for Improving Gear Changing Control of HEVs
Analysis of Trunk Stabilization Effect by Passive Power-Assist Device
Control Method for Power Assisted Cart Using Walking Effect Prediction Aimed at Improvement of Load Reduction Ratio
Communication Method of Time Synchronization and Strength Using Haptic Interface
Proposal of Framework Based on 4W1H and Properties of Robots and Objects for Development of Physical Service System
Design and Control of a Human-Operated Biped Robot for Transportation of Objects
Estimation of Care Receiver’s Position Based on Tactile Information for Transfer Assist Using Dual Arm Robot
A Supporting System of Choral Singing for Visually Impaired Persons Using Depth Image Sensor
Human Detecting and Following Mobile Robot Using a Laser Range Sensor
Image-Projecting Desktop Arm Trainer for Hand-Eye Coordination Training
Development of Expanded Periodical Input Control for Periodic Motion with Multiple Frequency Components
Understanding of Falling Cat Phenomenon and Realization by Robot
NANBA Walking Robot (JIZAI Movement of Physical Body Using State Transition with Instability)
Special Issue on Human Centric, Universal and Interactive Design for Robotics and Mechatronics
Manzai Robots: Entertainment Robots Based on Auto-Created Manzai Scripts from Web News Articles
Satellite, Planetary or Terrestrial Subsurface Explorer Robot Based on Earthworm Locomotion
Development of a Personal Mobility Robot “NENA”
Autonomous Mobile Robot MAUV – Mission Achievement on Tsukuba Challenge 2011, 12 and 13 –
Monitoring System for Elderly People Using Passive RFID Tags
Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of a Soft Robotic Fish Using Piezoelectric Fiber Composite
Driver Speed Control Modeling for Predictive Braking Assistance System Based on Risk Potential in Intersections
Analysis and Optimization for Balancing Mechanism of High-Speed & Heavy-Load Manipulators
Mobile Nodes Deployment Scheme Design Based on Perceived Probability Model in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
Network-Wide Optimization of Traffic Signals Using Mixed Integer Programming
Development of Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicle for Improving Fuel Consumption via Sequential Approximate Optimization
Kinematics Analysis of Serial-Parallel Hybrid Humanoid Robot in Reaching Movement
Effects of Haptic and 3D Audio Feedback on Operator Performance and Workload for Quadrotor UAVs in Indoor Environments
Reachability and Controllability Analysis of Periodic Switched Boolean Control Networks
3-1 Piecewise NCP Function for New Nonmonotone QP-Free Infeasible Method
A Path-Following Feedback Control Law of a Five-Axle, Three-Steering Coupled-Vehicle System
Development of Robotic Unicycles
Current State of the Art of Multi-Axis Control Machine Tools and CAM System
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle “Tuna-Sand” for Image Observation of the Seafloor at a Low Altitude
Impedance Control of Two d.o.f. CPM Device for Elbow Joint
pico-FCV: Small Single-Operator Electric-Vehicle Using 20 W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Developed for Mechatronics Education
A Control Method for a Swarm of Plant Pot Robots that Uses Artificial Potential Fields for Effective Utilization of Sunlight
Development of the Stretcher with the Vibration Isolator Using Nonlinear-Structure
A Basic Framework of Virtual Reality Simulator for Advancing Disaster Response Work Using Teleoperated Work Machines
Deformable Anchor Ball for Thrown Referring to Octopus Suckers
Small Search Robot Consisting of Plural Driving Wheels Connected by Flexible Shafts
New Body Design for Flexible Mono-Tread Mobile Track: Layered Structure and Passive Retro-Flexion
Utilization of Robot Technology for Earthquake, Storm, and Flood Problems in the Tokai Region
The Application of Robot Technologies to Disasters from Torrential Rains on Japan’s Kii Peninsula
Desired Robot Technology in Consideration of the Records on Natural Disasters in Kyushu Region
Recent Trends and Issues of Volcanic Disaster Response with Mobile Robots
Development of Flexible Manufacturing System
Trends of Robot Therapy with Neurological Therapeutic Seal Robot, PARO
Technology of Unmanned Construction System in Japan

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