Measuring Particle Positions in Micro Channel with Multifiber Array
Levitation Control of AEROTRAIN: The Design and System of Experimental Manned Wing-in-Ground Vehicle ART003R
Construction Methodology for NIUTS – Bed Servoing System for Body Targets –
Mechanism of Linear Load-Sensitive Continuously Variable Transmission with Spherical Driving Unit
Optimized Motion Control of an Intelligent Cane Robot for Easing Muscular Fatigue in the Elderly During Walking
Implementation Approach of Affective Interaction for Caregiver Support Robot
A Proposal for a Model of Change of Maximum Isometric Muscle Force in Step-Change Workload
Muscle Synergy Analysis Between Young and Elderly People in Standing-Up Motion
Kinetostatic Design of Ankle Rehabilitation Mechanism Capable of Adapting to Changes in Joint Axis
Development of Sensor-Less Power-Assisted System with Disturbance Observer Considering High Friction
Development of Danger Avoidance Assist System for Electric Cart
Design of Brain-Machine Interface Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Development of Transfer Assist Robot Based on the User Needs
Quantitative Evaluation of Shoulder Joint Function to Reproduce Results of Clinical Tests by Therapist
Pneumatically Driven Prehension Orthosis with Force Control Function
Development of Autonomous Intelligent Driving System to Enhance Safe and Secured Traffic Society for Elderly Drivers – Autonomous Collision Avoidance System with Hazard Anticipation Driver Characteristics –
Investigation of User Load and Evaluation of Power Assistive Control on Cycling Wheelchair
Development of an Exoskeleton to Support Eating Movements in Patients with Essential Tremor
Development of an Exercise Support System for the Elderly Which Uses a Small Humanoid Robot
Development of Power Assist Crane Operated by Tensional Information of Dual Wire
Development of a Wearable Assist Suit for Walking and Lifting-Up Motion Using Electric Motors
Power Assist Control Calculated by a Human Model and Joint Angles for Walking Motion Using Pneumatic Actuators
A Survey Method for Identifying Real Support Needs of People with Early-Stage Dementia for Designing Assistive Technology
Force, Stiffness and Viscous Damping Control of a Stewart-Platform-Type Ankle-Foot Rehabilitation Assist Device with Pneumatic Actuator
Enhancement of Plantar Tactile Sensitivity by Wearable Stabilization Device Based on Stochastic Resonance for Fall Prevention
Special Issue on Assistive Technology Based on ICT/IRT for Aged Society
Generating Situation-Dependent Behavior: Decentralized Control of Multi-Functional Intestine-Like Robot that can Transport and Mix Contents
Assemblable Hand for Laparoscopic Surgery with Phased Array and Single-Element Ultrasound Probes
Impression Difference Between Intelligent Medicine Case and Small Service Robot in Self-Medication Support Situations
Evaluation of Microgap Control of Needle-Type Dispenser for Precise Microdroplet Dispensation
Spherical Spaces for Illumination Invariant Face Relighting
Switching Control Method for Stable Landing by Legged Robot Based on Zero Moment Point
Method of Dynamic Image Processing for Ecology Observation of Marine Life
Experimental Verification of Lifting Force of Underwater Robot with Thrusters Using Passive Posture Maintenance
Use of a Deformable Tensegrity Structure as an Underwater Robot Body
Depth Control of Underwater Robot with Metal Bellows Mechanism for Buoyancy Control Device Utilizing Phase Transition
A Stereo Vision System for Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems – Proposal of a Novel Concept Using Pan-Tilt-Slide Cameras –
Development of Easy-Removable Underwater Manipulator Unit with Built-in Controller
On-Line Image Gathering Utilizing an Operated Underwater Movable Sensor Node
Special Issue on Underwater Robotics and Mechatronics
Integration of Ultrasonic Sensors and Kinect Sensors for People Distinction and 3D Localization
Development of Minimally Invasive Microneedle Made of Tungsten – Sharpening Through Electrochemical Etching and Hole Processing for Drawing up Liquid Using Excimer Laser –
Development of Bellows-Type Artificial Rubber Muscle and Application to Peristaltic Crawling Endoscopic Robot
Experimental Verification of Adaptive Dominant Type Hybrid Adaptive and Learning Controller for Trajectory Tracking of Robot Manipulators
Design Methodology for Human Symbiotic Machines Based on the Description of User’s Mental Model
Development of an Air Balancer Applying Passive Dynamic Control
Design, Modeling and Performance Testing of End-Effector for Sweet Pepper Harvesting Robot Hand
Control of Liver Tissue Reconstitution in Mesenteric Leaves: The Effect of Preculture on Mouse Hepatic Progenitor Cells Prior to Transplantation
Three-Dimensional Assembly of Multilayered Tissues Using Water Transfer Printing
Formation of Cell Aggregates Using Microfabricated Hydrogel Chambers for Assembly into Larger Tissues

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