Verification of Fall Detection Sensor
Application of “Planar Muscle” with Soft Skin-Like Outer Function Suitable for Musculoskeletal Humanoid
The Effect of Mobile Robot on Group Behavior of Animal
Recognition of Face Orientations Based on Nostril Feature
An In-Pipe Mobile Robot for Use as an Industrial Endoscope Based on an Earthworm’s Peristaltic Crawling
Development of a Mobile Robot for Transport Application in Hospital
Turbojet Engine for Aerial Cargo Robot (ACR)
Development of a Small, Lightweight Rover with Elastic Wheels for Lunar Exploration
Model Tests of Regolith Packaging Mechanism
Smart Home Network System Integration with RT Middleware for Embedded Controller
A Two Dimensional Model to Apprehend the Dynamic Response of Shallow Buried Structures due to Impact Loading Related to Mechanical Landmine Clearing Operations
Application of Images and Laser Range to Detection of Workers Around Heavy Construction Equipment
Development of 3D Scanning System Using Automatic Guiding Total Station
High Accuracy Position Marking System Applying Mobile Robot in Construction Site
Master-Slave Control Method for Hydraulic Excavator
Examination of Information Presentation Method for Teleoperation Excavator
Construction Robot Operation System with Object’s Hardness Recognition Using Force Feedback and Virtual Reality
Evaluation of Construction Robot Telegrasping Force Perception Using Visual, Auditory and Force Feedback Integration
A Symbolic Construction Work Flow Based on State Transition Analysis Using Simplified Primitive Static States
Kinematics of Wheel-Type Tracked Vehicle with Crawlers in Between the Front and Rear Wheels
Efficient Scooping of Rocks by Autonomous Controlled Wheel Loader
Special Issue on Construction Robot
A Basic Study on Biological Signal of Operator During Master-Slave System Control
A Study of the Sole Mechanism of Biped Robots to Rough Terrain Locomotion
Evaluation for Vehicle Positioning in Urban Environment Using QZSS Enhancement Function
Pilot Study of Split Belt Treadmill Based Gait Rehabilitation System for Symmetric Stroke Gait
Development of a Novel Rotor-Embedded-Type Multidegree-of-Freedom Spherical Ultrasonic Motor
3-D Biped Walking Using Double Support Phase and Swing Leg Retraction Based on the Assumption of Point-Contact
Walking-Assistance Apparatus as a Next-Generation Vehicle and Movable Neuro-Rehabilitation Training Appliance
A System for Predicting Unprecedented Injury by Spatiotemporally Superimposing Children’s Normal Behavior
Gait Phase Detection Using Foot Acceleration for Estimating Ground Reaction Force in Long Distance Gait Rehabilitation
MR-Safe Pneumatic Rotation Stepping Actuator
Relation Between Blood Pressure Estimated by Pulse Wave Velocity and Directly Measured Arterial Pressure
Development of Database of Children’s Fall Dynamics Using Daily Behavior Observing System
Automatic Surgical Workflow Estimation Method for Brain Tumor Resection Using Surgical Navigation Information
A Portable Arthroscopic Diagnostic Probe to Measure the Viscoelasticity of Articular Cartilage
A Blood Flow Measurement Robotic System: Ultrasound Visual Servoing Algorithms Under Pulsation and Displacement of an Artery
Insole-Type Simultaneous Measurement System of Plantar Pressure and Shear Force During Gait for Diabetic Patients
Life Pattern Estimation of the Elderly Based on Accumulated Activity Data and its Application to Anomaly Detection
Basic Research of “MR-PLEMO”: 2-D Passive-Type Rehabilitation System for Upper Limbs Using MR Fluid Brake
2-D Force Display System with Redundant ER Fluid Brake Aimed at Rehabilitation Support System for Upper Limbs
A Depressurization Assistance System for a Seated Patient on a Wheelchair
Special Issue on Medical Science and Engineering Cooperation
Analysis of Nurse Calls for Residents and Workers Condition Understanding in Nursing Homes
Real-Time Optical Flow Estimation Using Multiple Frame-Straddling Intervals
3D Measurement Using a Fish-Eye Camera Based on EPI Analysis
Vision-Force Guided Monitoring for Mating Connectors in Wiring Harness Assembly Systems
Feasibility Check of an Assist System Through the Simulation of Bipedal Walking Using a CPG
Virtual Reality Simulators Based on a Novel Robotic Catheter Operating System for Training in Minimally Invasive Surgery
A Bio-Inspired Adaptive Perching Mechanism for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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