Improvement of GPS and GLONASS Positioning Accuracy by Multipath Mitigation Using Omnidirectional Infrared Camera
Development of a Tool Manipulator Driven by a Flexible Shaft for Single-Port Endoscopic Surgery
Development of a “TSUMIKI” Robot Toy Based on a Figure Original to the Hokkaido Region – Examination of a Prototype Robot of Blakiston’s Fish Owl, Called “Kotan Kor Kamuy,” a Household God of the Aynu
Stability Control of a Three-Dimensional Passive Walker by Periodic Input Based on the Frequency Entrainment
Improved Stability Using Environmental Adaptive Yaw Control for Autonomous Unmanned Helicopter and Bifurcation of Maneuvering in Turning
Image-Searching for Office Equipment Using Bag-of-Keypoints and AdaBoost
Bio-Inspired Omnidirectional Multilink Propulsion Mechanism in Fluid
Sorting System for Recycling of Construction Byproducts with Bayes’ Theorem-Based Robot Vision
Passively Adaptable Wall Climbing Robot in Narrow Space
HELIOS Tracked Robot Team: Mobile RT System for Special Urban Search and Rescue Operations
Development of HELIOS IX: An Arm-Equipped Tracked Vehicle
Control of Pneumatic Robots Using Variable Offset Pressure Controller
Obstacle Location Classification and Self-Localization by Using a Mobile Omnidirectional Camera Based on Tracked Floor Boundary Points and Tracked Scale-Rotation Invariant Feature Points
Reflective Collision Avoidance for Mobile Service Robot in Person Coexistence Environment
Control of Air Cylinder Actuator with Common Bias Pressure
Motion-Based-Design of Elastic Material for Passive Assistive Device Using Musculoskeletal Model
Development of Whole-Body Emotional Expression Humanoid Robot for ADL-Assistive RT Services
A Home Healthcare System with Communication Robot Technologies – Development of Experimental Systems and in-Home Verification Experiments by Older Persons
Development of Production Robot System that can Assemble Products with Cable and Connector
Cooperation Between a High-Power Robot and a Human by Functional Safety
Image Detection of Seam Line for Laser Welding Robot
Development of a Wire Harness Assembly Motion Planner for Redundant Multiple Manipulators
Special Issue on Strategic Development of Advanced Robotics Elemental Technologies
Robot Assisted Instruction in Elementary School Based on Robot Theater
Use of Cranes in Education and International Collaborations
EMARO: A European Contribution in Shaping the Future World Roboticists
Distributed Robotics Education
Quick, Cheap, and Creative Development for Robotics Education: Understanding and Experiencing Prosthetics Technology
Joint Education Program Between Technical High School and University for Technical High School Student ThroughDeveloping Robots
Education Method of Robotics with Jigsaw Method by Using RT Component
Educating Robot Development in a University Laboratory from First Year – A Trial of a Robotics Club Under Observation at a Laboratory –
Enhancing Student Engineering, Personal, and Interpersonal Skills Through Yumekobo Projects
Hands-on Robotics Instruction Program for Beginners
Hands-on Education of Robotics Department for Four Years of College
Improvement of Introductory Engineering Education of Mechatronics Based on Outcomes Evaluation by Defining Rubric– Continuous PDCA Cycle Achievement with Reducing Teaching Assistants’Work Load –
Street Performance Robot Contest as Practice in Creativity Education
Educational Activities with a Focus on Robot Strategies – Through the Development of LEGO Manipulation Robots –
A Unified and Integrated Approach to Teaching a Two-Course Sequence in Robotics Engineering
Design Education Using Personal Mobile Robot
The Introduction Case and Effect of “Robot Design” for Object Lesson of Mechanical Engineer
Laboratory Experiment on Control Engineering Using Inverted Pendulum and a 32-Bit DSP CPU
Practice of School Education Using Micro Robots and Verification of its Effectiveness
An Integrated Hands-on Training Program for Education on Mechatronics
Practical Education Curriculum for Autonomous Mobile Robot (Project Learning Program for School Based on Subsumption Architecture)
Development of Hands-on Educational Tool for Control Based on ARCS Model and Emotions
Creating Attraction for Technical Education Material and its Educational Benefit (Development of Robotic Education Material Characterized by 3D CAD/CAM and Compact Stereo Vision)
Design and Delivery of a Subject in Robotics
Application of an Intelligent Table-Top Vacuum Robot Cleaner in Mechatronics System Design Education
Development of Educational Materials for Construction of Mechatronic Systems and Their Application
Mechatronics Education in School of Design – Development of Educational Tool to Study Design Expression Using Mechatronics

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