Flexible Tactile Sensor Skin Using Wireless Sensor Elements Coupled with 2D Microwaves
Two-Dimensional Wireless Power Supply to Ubiquitous Robots Using Microwaves
The Joint Interface of RT Components for Mobile Robots: The Activity Report Inform the Mobile Robot Working Group of the NEDO Intelligent RT Software Project
Auxiliary Particle Filter Localization for Intelligent Wheelchair Systems in Urban Environments
Stress Presumption of the Long Driving Using the Facial Thermal Image
Evaluation of Acceptability and Usability of a Parking Assistance System for Elderly Drivers – Relationship Between Experiment Results, Gender, Driving Frequency and Driving Styles –
Driver Assistance Systems with Communication to Traffic Lights – Configuration of Assistance Systems by Receiving and Transmission and Field Experiments –
Self-Supervised Mapping for Road Shape Estimation Using Laser Remission in Urban Environments
Shape Recognition of Metallic Landmark and its Application to Self-Position Estimation for Mobile Robot
Road-Crossing Landmarks Detection by Outdoor Mobile Robots
EU CyberCars-2 Final Demo Results: IAI-CSIC Standpoint
Real-Time Decision Making for Autonomous City Vehicles
CyberCars-2 Cooperative Cybernetic Transport System Architecture
Special Issue on Cybernetic City Transport Systems and Technologies
Simulating Self-Reproduction of Cells in a Two-Dimensional Cellular Automaton
Usability Evaluation of Variable-Scale Microteleoperation System
Quantitative Evaluation of Injected Molecules into Phospholipid-Coated Microdroplets for In situ Biological Reactions
Nanoliters Discharge/Suction by Thermoresponsive Polymer Actuated Probe and Applied for Single Cell Manipulation
Detection and Collection System of Target Single Cell Based on pH and Oxygen Sensing
Optical Adhesion Control of Hydrogel Microtools for On-Demand Immobilization and Measurement of Cells on a Microfluidic Chip
2DOF Magnetically Driven Microtool for Soft Peeling of Zona Pellucida
Rapid and Direct Cell-to-Cell Adherence Using Avidin-Biotin Binding System: Large Aggregate Formation in Suspension Culture and Small Tissue Element Formation Having a Precise Microstructure Using Optical Tweezers
Fabrication of Line and Grid Patterns with Cells Based on Negative Dielectrophoresis
Development of Microfabrication Technology with Maskless Photolithography Device Using LCD Projector
Measurements of Nonlinear Electrical Impedances by Virtue of Induced Conformational Changes in DNAs
Microfluidic Device with Integrated Glucose Sensor for Cell-Based Assay in Toxicology
Parallel Formation of Three-Dimensional Spheroid Using Microrotational Flow
Development of Time-Programmed, Dual-Release System Using Multilayered Fiber Mesh Sheet by Sequential Electrospinning
Verification of Single-Molecule Imaging and Single-Molecule Measurements
Special Issue on Advances in System Cell Engineering by Multiscale Manipulation
Fuzzy Self-Tuning Precompensation PD Control with Gravity Compensation of 3 DOF Planar Robot Manipulators
Learning of Whole Arm Manipulation with Constraint of Contact Mode Maintaining
Path Searching of Robot Manipulator Using Reinforcement Learning-Reduction of Searched Configuration Space Using SOM and Multistage Learning-
Behavior Change of Crickets in a Robot-Mixed Society
Adaptive Division-of-Labor Control Algorithm for Multi-Robot Systems
Automatic Counting Robot Development Supporting Qualitative Asbestos Analysis -Asbestos, Air Bubbles, and Particles Classification Using Machine Learning-
Asbestos Detection in Building Materials Through Consolidation of Similarities in Color and Shape Features
Fault-Tolerant Multi-Robot Operational Strategy for Material Transport Systems Considering Maintenance Activity
Flow Path Network Design for Robust AGV Systems Against Tasks Using Competitive Coevolution
Adaptive Formation Transition of a Swarm of Mobile Robots Based on Phase Gradient
Risk Management System Based on Uncertainty Estimation by Multi-Robot
A Framework to Identify Task-Phase and Attentional-Condition for Supporting Complicated Dual-Arm Operations
Electric Wheelchair Controlled by Human Body Motion -Classification of Body Motion and Improvement of Control Method-
Development of Deskwork Support System Using Pointing Gesture Interface
Adaptive Attitude Control of Redundant Time-Varying Complex Model of Human Body in the Nursing Activity
Special Issue on Machine Intelligence for Robotics and Mechatronics
Pitch-Cluster-Map Based Daily Sound Recognition for Mobile Robot Audition
Improvement of Performance for Musculoskeletal Robots by Mountable Actuator Units
Development of Closed-Fitting-Type Walking Assistance Device for Legs with Self-Contained Control System
Design and Fabrication of All-in-One Unified Microfluidic Chip for Automation of Embryonic Cell Manipulation

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