An Optical Tactile Sensor Assuming Cubic Polynomial Deformation of Elastic Body
Interpretation of Cross-Traffic Accidents and Playing Catch Based on Newly Found Visual Perception Characteristics
Positional Features and Algorithmic Predictability of Visual Regions-of-Interest in Robot Hand Movement
Functionally Layered Video Coding Based on JP2K for Robot Vision Network
3D Hand Pose Estimation Using a Single Camera for Unspecified Users
User-Adaptable Hand Pose Estimation Technique for Human-Robot Interaction
Fast Hand Feature Extraction Based on Connected Component Labeling, Distance Transform and Hough Transform
High-Performance Active Camera Head Control Using PaLM-Tree
Hand-Eye Motion-Invariant Pose Estimation with Online 1-Step GA -3D Pose Tracking Accuracy Evaluation in Dynamic Hand-Eye Oscillation-
Parallel Computation of the Region-Based Level Set Method for Boundary Detection of Moving Objects
Object Detection and Recognition Using Template Matching with SIFT Features Assisted by Invisible Floor Marks
Measurement of Three-Dimensional Environment with a Fish-Eye Camera Based on Structure from Motion – Error Analysis
3D Object Modeling and Segmentation Using Image Edge Points in Cluttered Environments
Special Issue on Robot Vision – Vision for Action –
Intelligent Ambience that can Influence Robot Behavior
Hybrid Planning for an Air Gap Adjustment System Using Fuzzy Models
Sloshing Damping Control in a Cylindrical Container on a Wheeled Mobile Robot Using Dual-Swing Active-Vibration Reduction
Piezo-Impact-Driven X-Y Stage and Precise Sample Holder for Accurate Microlens Alignment
Improving Maneuverability of Power-Assisted Valve for Fire Engines Based on Prediction of Valve Opening Times
SIEN: Telescopic-Arm Climbing-Support Robot
Perception-Assist with an Active Stereo Camera for an Upper-Limb Power-Assist Exoskeleton
Development of Power Assist Wear Using Pneumatic Rubber Artificial Muscles
Human Joint Motion Recognition Using Ultrasound Pulse Echo Based on Test Feature Classifier
Velocity and Acceleration Estimation by a Nonlinear Filter Based on Sliding Mode and Application to Control System
Development of Asparagus Harvester Coordinated with 3-D Vision Sensor
Three-Dimensional Environment Model Construction from an Omnidirectional Image Sequence
Detection Principle of Shape and Orientation of Corrosive Defects Using Lamb Waves
Special Issue on Mechatronics Technologies from Asia to the World
Improvement of Vibration Sensitivity by Tangential Vibration
Control of A New Type of Undulatory Wheeled Locomotor: A Trident Steering Walker Based on Chained Form
A Double Image Acquisition System with Visible and UV LEDs for Citrus Fruit
User-Adaptive Reconfigurable Interface for In-Vehicle Information Systems
Observation of Human Activities Based on Spatial Memory in Intelligent Space
Design and Control of Librarian Robot System in Information Structured Environments
Cooking Procedure Recognition and Support by Ubiquitous Sensors
Robot Technology Ontology Targeting Robot Technology Services in Kukanchi — “Interactive Human-Space Design and Intelligence”
Autonomous Motion Generation Based on Reliable Predictability
A Mobile Sensor Network Forming Concentric Circles Through Local Interaction and Consensus Building
Rotation-Based Dynamic Localization at an Initial Dead-Zone Avoidance Stage on an RFID Tag Lattice
Supporting Robotic Activities in Informationally Structured Environment with Distributed Sensors and RFID Tags
A Service System Adapted to Changing Environments Using “Kukanchi”
Special Issue on Kukanchi Interactive Human – Space Design and Intelligence Dedicated to Dr. Kazuo Tanie
Neuro-Fuzzy Control of Power-Assist Omnidirectional Wheelchair Using Human-Friendly Touch Panel
Adaptive Gait for Large Rough Terrain of a Leg-Wheel Robot (Fifth Report: Integrated Gait)
Fabrication of Articulated Microarm for Endoscopy by Stacked Microassembly Process (STAMP)
Stabilizing Passive Dynamic Walk Under Wide Range of Environments by Constraint Mechanism Fitted to Sole of Foot
Tractor Guidance System for Farm Work Using DGPS and Gyroscope
Educational Project for Robotics and Mechatronics Using Tele-Control System Between National College of Technology and Toyohashi University of Technology
View-Based Localization Using Head-Mounted Multi Sensors Information
A Proposal of Real-Time Configuration Control System for Redundant Manipulators

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