Celebration of the 20th Anniversary Issue Publication
Congratulations on the 20th Memorial Year!
Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of JRM
Celebrating JRM Volume 20 and Three Epoch-making Robots from Japan
Adaptive Gait for a Leg-Wheel Robot Traversing Rough Terrain (Second Report: Step-Up Gait)
Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control of a Joystick-Controlled Wheelchair
Simulation of a Pneumatic Hand Crane Power-Assist System
Mechanical Design and Basic Run Experiments with the Tri-StarIII – Horizontal Polyarticular Expandable 3-Wheeled Planetary Rover –
Evaluation of Driver’s Temporary Arousal Level by Changes of Nasal Skin Temperature – Effect of Basic Arousal Level –
Development of a Virtual Arm Wrestling System for Force Display Communication Analysis
Muscle Strength Estimation Using Musculo-Skeletal Model for Upper Limb Rehabilitation
Simulator for Optimal Wheelchair Design
A 4WD Omnidirectional Wheelchair with Enhanced Step Climbing Capability
Development of a Gait Rehabilitation System With a Spherical Immersive Projection Display
Standing-Up Motion Support Device by Using Elbow Support Face to Adapt to Human Physical and Motion Characteristics
Accurate, Easy-to-Use Sphygmomanometer – “Arm-in Memo” Blood-Pressure Meter Developed Based on “Compliance with Measurement”
Creation of Validation Field for Preventive Medicine – Kashiwa-no-ha (Oak Leaf) Preventive Medical Project (KPMP)
Evaluation of On-Demand Bus Services Applicability to Older Persons
Special Issue on Service Technology for Health and Well-Being
Adaptive Gait for Large Rough Terrain of a Leg-wheel Robot (First Report : Gait Strategy)
Development and Control of a Small Biped Walking Robot Using Shape Memory Alloys
Gait Generation for a Walking Robot with Passive Joints
Biped Landing Pattern Modification Method and Walking Experiments in Outdoor Environment
Reinforcement Signal Propagation Algorithm for Logic Circuit
Adaptive Modeling of Physical Systems Based on Affine Transform and its Application for Machine Learning
Emulation of Human Walking by Biped Humanoid Robot with Heel-Contact and Toe-Off Motion
Control of Human Generating Force by Use of Acoustic Information? Substituting Artificial Sounds for Onomatopoeic Utterances
Performance Types and Activation of the Prefrontal Cortex
Adaptive Regulation of Nonlinear Systems by Output Feedback
Arc Feet Effects on Stability Based on a Simple Oscillator-Driven Walking Model
Control of Hydraulic Actuator Systems Using Feedback Modulator
HELIOS VIII: Toward Practical Robots for Search and Rescue Operations
Special Issue on MEXT 21st Century COE Programs (II)
Free Gait Algorithm with Two Returning Legs of a Leg-Wheel Robot
Development of a Handshake Robot System Based on a Handshake Approaching Motion Model
Psychological Influence of Wheelchairs on the Elderly Persons from Qualitative Research of Daily Living
Development of Soft Manipulator with Variable Rheological Joints and Pneumatic Sensor for Collision with Environment
Soft Areal Tactile Sensor Using Tomography Algorithm
Pseudoinverse-Based Motion Control of a Redundant Manipulator on a Flexible Base with Vibration Suppression
Human-Adaptive Robot Interaction Using Interactive EC with Human-Machine Hybrid Evaluation
Development of an Operation Skill-Training Simulator for Double-Front Construction Machinery – Training Effect for a House Demolition Work –
Human Adaptive Calibration for Machine Operation Without Awareness
Identification of Human Bimanual Operation Using XY-Stages
Constant-Value Control of Joystick Operating Force Using Acoustic System Having Feedback Control System
Constructive Approach to Role-Reversal Imitation Through Unsegmented Interactions
Hierarchical Implicit Feedback Structure in Passive Dynamic Walking
Origami Folding by a Robotic Hand
Methods to Estimate Magnetic Declination for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Development of Cable Reel for Spherical Trailer – Uniform Cable Winding
Development of Leg-Wheel Hybrid Quadruped “AirHopper”: Lightweight Leg-Wheel Design

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