Novel Computed Tomography for Reconstructing Three-Dimensional Phase Contrast Images of Single Living Cells
Rotational Speed Control by Optical PWM Operation for Single Cells
Lithography Using a Microelectronic Mask
Improvement in a Surface Motor-Driven Planar Motion Stage
Design of a Precision Linear-Rotary Positioning Actuator
Visual Feedback Tracking with Laser to Moving Crane Hook
Visually Guided Microassembly with Active Zooming
A Dual Imaging System for Flip-Chip Alignment Using Visual Servoing
Violent Action Detection for Elevator
HM-ICP: Fast 3-D Registration Algorithm with Hierarchical and Region Selection Approach of M-ICP
Human and Object Detection in Smoke-Filled Space Using Millimeter-Wave Radar Based Measurement
Gestures Recognition Based on the Fusion of Hand Positioning and Arm Gestures
An Object Detection Method Based on Independent Local Features
Object Modeling Using Gaussian Mixture Model for Infrared Image and its Application to Vehicle Detection
Development of DMD Reflection-Type CCD Camera for Phase Analysis and Shape Measurement
Shape Measurement of Solder Bumps by Shape-from-Focus Using Varifocal Mirror
Dual-LED Imaging System for Secure and Robust Fingerprint Detection
Particle Detection for 100-nm Patterned Wafers by Evanescent Light Illumination – Analysis of Evanescent Light Scattering Using Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method –
Development of a Multi-Ball-Cantilever AFM for Measuring Resist Surface
Optical 3D Manipulation and Observation in Real-Time
Actuators Based on Photomechanical Polymer
Special Issue on Optomechatronics
Time-Series Forecasting Using Fuzzy-Neural System with Evolutionary Rule Base
Estimation of Bounded Model Uncertainties
Natural Resolution of Ill-Posed Inverse Kinematics for Redundant Robots: A Challenge to Bernstein’s Degrees-of-Freedom Problem
Development of a Needle-Insertion Robot for MRI-Guided Stereotactic Surgery
Soft Tissue Pushing Operation Using a Haptic Interface for Simulation of Brain Tumor Resection
Novel Human Interface for Game Control Using Voluntarily Generated Biological Signals
Clothes Folding Task by Tool-Using Robot
Impedance Control of Free-Flying Space Robot for Orbital Servicing
Motion Control of Ultra-High-Speed Manipulator with a Flexible Link Based on Dynamically Coupled Driving
Gain Scheduling Controller Design for Two-Rotor Hovering System and its Experimental Verification
Decentralized Adaptive Coordinated Control of Multiple Robot Arms for Constrained Tasks
Program Development Environment for Multiple Robot-Multiple Application System
Tracing Manipulation in Clothes Spreading by Robot Arms
Quasi-Static Analysis of a Novel Crawler-Driven Robot Motion
Development of Novel Linear Motion Mechanism with Load Sensitive Transmission
New Portable Pointer for Positional Data Acquisition
Neural Adaptive Approach-Application to Robot Force Control in an Unknown Environment
Locomotion of 3D Snake-Like Robots – Shifting and Rolling Control of Active Cord Mechanism ACM-R3 –
Loose Guide for Passive Omnidirectional Mobility Aid
Robotic Facial Expression Using a Curved Surface Display
Epoxy-Based Multichannel Microelectrode for Insect Biopotential Recording
Haptic Length Display Based on Cutaneous-Proprioceptive Integration
Verification of Haptic Illusions Using a Haptic Interface and Consideration on its Mechanism
A Study of Perceptual Performance in Haptic Virtual Environments
Predictability of Rest-to-Rest Movements in Haptic Environments with 3D Constraints
Cross-Modality Between Haptic and Auditory Roughness with a Force Feedback Device
Multiaxis Capacitive Force Sensor and its Measurement Principle Using Neural Networks
Analysis and Synthesis of Facial Color for Facial Image Synthesis in a Virtual Arm Wrestling System

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