Sequential Human Behavior Recognition for Cooking-Support Robots
Development of Infant Behavior Simulator: Modeling Grasping Achievement Based on Developmental Behavior Model and Environmental Interest Induction Model
A Dialogue Control Model Based on Ambiguity Evaluation of Users’ Instructions and Stochastic Representation of Experiences
Probabilistic Human Modeling Based on Personal Construct Theory
Extracting Multimodal Dynamics of Objects Using RNNPB
Human-Like Daily Action Recognition Model
Human Posture Probability Density Estimation Based on Actual Motion Measurement and Eigenpostures
Pinching at Fingertips for Humanoid Robot Hand
Classification of Motion Constraints by Explorative Manipulation by a Compliant Multi-Fingered Hand
Off-Policy Natural Policy Gradient Method for a Biped Walking Using a CPG Controller
Motion Analysis of Human Lifting Works with Heavy Objects
Spinal Information Processing and its Application to Motor Learning Support
Design of a Human Circulation Modeling System for Fitness Training
Special Issue on Human Modeling in Robotics
Autonomous Role Assignment in a Homogeneous Multi-Robot System
Artificial Whiskers: Structural Characterization and Implications for Adaptive Robots
Stand-Alone Wearable Power Assist Suit –Development and Availability–
Development of Pneumatic Power Assist Splint “ASSIST” Operated by Human Intention
Local Clustering Organization (LCO) Solving a Large-Scale TSP
Vertical Planar Underactuated Manipulation Using a Gravity Compensation Mechanism
Damping and Transfer Control of Liquid in a Cylindrical Container Using a Wheeled Mobile Robot
Motion Planning for Rolling-Based Locomotion
Development of Wearable Pneumatic Actuator and Multiport Pressure Control Valve
Development of a Forging Type Rapid Prototyping System; Automation of a Free Forging and Metal Hammering Working
Development of Nanometer Flying-Height Slider for Small Magnetic Disk Drives
Basic Design Guide Proposal on Nanometer Flying-Height Slider for Small Magnetic Disk Drives
Motion Design for Indoor Blimp Robot with PID Controller
Special Issue on Selected Papers from ICAM’04
Polynomial Linear Quadratic Gaussian and Sliding Mode Observer for a Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Field Emission of Individual Carbon Nanotubes and its Improvement by Decoration with Ruthenium Dioxide Super-Nanoparticles
Angle Detection Methods for a CMOS Smart Rotary Encoder
A 2.7 Gcps and 7-Multiplexing CDMA Serial Communication Chip for Real-Time Robot Control with Multiprocessors
Design and Implementation of the Multimedia Operation Mechanism for Responsive Multithreaded Processor
VLSI Architecture for Robust Speech Recognition Systems and its Implementation on a Verification Platform
Development of Image Recognition Processor Based on Configurable Processor
Implementation of Face Recognition Processing Using an Embedded Processor
Parallel Extraction Architecture for Information of Numerous Particles in Real-Time Image Measurement
Real-Time Shape Recognition Using a Pixel-Parallel Processor
Realtime FPGA-Based Vision System
A 3.7×3.7mm² 310.9mW 105.2msec 512×512-Pixel Phase-Only Correlation Processor
A Pixel-Parallel Algorithm for Detecting and Tracking Fast-Moving Modulated Light Signals
A Cellular-Automaton-Type Region Extraction Algorithm and its FPGA Implementation
A Digital Vision Chip for Early Feature Extraction with Rotated Template-Matching CA
Special Issue on VLSI Computing for Real-World Intelligent Systems
Structural Analysis of Directional Deflection Beams
Development of a Piezoelectric Screwdriver for Recessless Screws
Development of a Simple Search Device Driven by a Human-Powered Generator
Microfabrication and Laser Manipulation of Functional Microtool Using In-Situ Photofabrication
An In Vitro Patient-Specific Biological Model of the Cerebral Artery Reproduced with a Membranous Configuration for Simulating Endovascular Intervention
A Dynamic Body Model of the Nematode C. elegans with Neural Oscillators

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