Effects of the Lower Leg Bi-Articular Muscle in Jumping
Measurement of Human Hand Impedance in Dual Arm Configurations
Loose Robot Communication over the Internet
Discrimination Threshold of Tactility to ERP-Modulated Vibration
Insertion of Long Peg into Tandem Shallow Hole Using Search Trajectory Generation
A Novel Fluidic Bellows Manipulator
Field Emission Properties of Individual Carbon Nanotubes in Nanorobotic Manipulation and Electron-Beam-Induced Deposition
Resolving Crosstalk of Sonar by Applying Nonlinear Filter Based on the Sliding Mode
A Clinical Jaw Movement Training Robot for Mouth Opening/Closing and Lateral Movement Training
Stiffness Analysis and Experimental Validation for the 6-Dof Jaw Opening-Closing Training Parallel Robot WY-5 (Waseda Yamanashi 5)
An Underactuated Manipulation Method Using a Mechanical Gravity Canceller
Prospects for Hyper Performance Robots and Mechatronics
Hyper Performance of Robotics and Mechatronics
Special Issue on Hyper Performance Robotics and Mechatronics
Human Intention Detection and Activity Support System for Ubiquitous Sensor Room
Development of Portable Color Discrimination for the Visually Impaired and Color Blindness
Communication Interface for Human-Robot Partnership
Wearable Heart Rate Counter
Body-Supported Medical Robots: A Survey
Realization of All 7 Motions for the Upper Limb by a Muscle Suit
Development of Active Support Splint Driven by Pneumatic Soft Actuator (ASSIST)
Design of Wearable Power-Assist Device for Lower Back Support
An EMG-Controlled Hand Exoskeleton for Natural Pinching
Force Analysis of Exoskeletal Robotic Orthoses for Judgment on Mechanical Safety and Possibility of Assistance
Self-Assisted Care System for Human Mobility
Development of Straight Style Transfer Equipment for Lower Limbs Disabled: Verification of Basic Motion
Stiffness Teaching and Motion Assist System Using Functional Electrical Stimulation and Electromyogram Signals
Special Issue on Wearable Robot
The Evaluation of Agreement Between Dynamics of Electric Wheelchair and Human Behavior
Robust Vibration Control of a Flexible Robot Arm Carrying an Uncertain Load That Causes Bending/Torsional Coupling
Input of Japanese Characters by Recognizing the Number of Fingers
Acquisition of Adaptive Behavior for the SMA-Net Robot Using Chaotic Neural Networks
Tracking Control of Omni-Directional Vehicles Using Two Wheels Caster Type Odometer
Biologically-Inspired Locomotion Controller for a Quadruped Walking Robot: Analog IC Implementation of a CPG-Based Controller
Torque Control in Harmonic Drives with Nonlinear Dynamic Friction Compensation
Control of a Handwriting Robot with DOF Redundancy Based on Feedback in Task Coordinates
Adaptive Modular Vector Field Control for Robot Contact Tasks in Uncertain Environments
Genetic-Algorithm-Based Fixed-Structure Robust H Loop-Shaping Control of a Pneumatic Servosystem
Torque Planning of a New Golf-Swing Robot to Emulate Skillful Golfers
Synchronous Positioning Control in Pressure Control Among Multi-AC Servomotors in Injection Molding Machine
Applications of Motion Control Originated from Robot Technology
Special Issue on Motion Control and its Applications in Robot Technology (RT)
A Study on Propagation Characteristics of Spread Spectrum Sound Waves Using a Band-Limited Ultrasonic Transducer
Development of Electromagnetic Nutation Motor (Electromagnetic Investigation)
Four-Wheeled Hopping Robot with Attitude Control
Firm Standing for Legged Mobile Manipulators
Design of the Leg Mechanism of a Water Surface Runner
Development of Genbu: Active-Wheel Passive-Joint Snake-Like Mobile Robot
Development of Slime Robot Using Bridle Bellows
Emergent Behaviors of a Linear Cluster Robot System: Enclosing and Molding by CA Method

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