Current and Future Arts of International Micro Robot Maze Contest
Micromachines Designed and Fabricated for Micromechanism Contest
The Challenge of Micro Robot Creation at the Nippon Institute of Technology
Micromechanisms and Their Applications
Miniaturized Mobile Robot Kit for Robotics Seminars for Young People
Reconfigurable Parts Feeding System Using Array of Vibrators
Magnetic Linear Motion Mechanism of a 2-Parallel-Finger Hand for Force Operation
A Novel Mobile Microrobot Fin for In-Pipe Inspection
In-Pipe Inspection Micro Robot Adaptable to Changes in Pipe Diameter
Motion of a Miniature Robot Using Three Piezoelectric Elements Controlled by Rectangular Voltage
Automatic Insemination and Incubation by Male and Female Micro Robots
Robot Hand with Fingers Using Vibration-Type Ultrasonic Motors (Driving Characteristics)
Analysis and Design of A New Micro Jerk Sensor with Viscous Coupling
Special Issue on Microrobots
Kinematic Identification Method for Cable-Driven Rescue Robots in Unstructured Environments
Development of Four-Crawler Multilink Mobile Robot MOIRA for Searching Debris
Development of Joints for Power Microrobot for Searching inside Debris
Autonomous Flight Control of Unmanned Small Hobby-Class Helicopter Report 2: Modeling Based on Experimental Identification and Autonomous Flight Control Experiments
Autonomous Flight Control of Unmanned Small Hobby-Class Helicopter Report 1: Hardware Development and Verification Experiments of Autonomous Flight Control System
Development of Simple Search Device by Person’s Power
Information Assistance for Search-and-Rescue by Intelligent Data Carriers and a Data Retrieval Blimp
A Consideration on Rescue Robot Contest from Viewpoint of Technology Education
HELIOS VII: a New Tracked Arm-Equipped Vehicle
Development of Detachable Teleoperation Gripper for a Walking Robot
Autonomous Flight Control System for Intelligent Aero-robot for Disaster Prevention
Development of Jumping & Rolling Inspector to Improve the Debris-traverse Ability
Development of Small Diameter Active Hose-II for Search and Life-prolongation of Victims under Debris
Special Issue on Rescue Robots
Track Following Control for Large Capacity Flexible Disk Drives -Disturbance Observer Design using Two Position Sensors-
Study of Individual Feature Extraction from Range Data of Human Nose
Development of Horse-type Quadruped Robot -Report 1, Development of Mechanism and Control System of Quadruped Robot PONY-
Development of Output Coupling Mechanisms for Mechanical Systems
A Study of Active Cord Mechanisms -Biomechanical Consideration on its 3D Gaits-
A Study of Active Cord Mechanisms -Basic Design of Pneumatically Driven Active Cord Mechanism-
Study on Handling Clothes (Task Planning of Deformation for Unfolding Laundry)
Compensation of Stick-Slip Phenomenon in an Electrical Actuator
Development of a Hydraulic Parallel Link Force Display -Improvement of Manipulability Using a Disturbance Observer and its Application to a Master-slave System-
Voice-supported Active Touch Panel Using Micro Touch Sensor with PZT Thin Film
Bistable Fluidic Laminar Amplifiers for Optopneumatic Interfaces
An Electronic Nose Using Neural Networks with Effective Training Data Selection
Control Method for Realistic Motion in a Construction Tele-robotic System with a 3-DOF Parallel Mechanism
2-D distance image sensor
3D Visual Information Processing and Gait Control of a Quadruped Robot – for operation on a steep slope protected by a free frame –
Robotic Vision for Bioproduction Systems
A Confocal Surface Measurement System Having Improved Measurement Accuracy for Rough Surfaces and Measurement Speed
A Range Finder System with Electronically Maskable Photo Detecting Device Array
Fast Distance Measurement Method by Parallel-Shift Arrangement Stereoscopic Camera
Camera Calibration and 3-D Measurement with an Active Stereo Vision System for Handling Moving Objects
Position and Pose Estimation of Camera-Head with Foveated Wide Angle Lens
Hand Shape Recognition using Higher Order Local Autocorrelation Features in Log Polar Coordinate Space

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