Microtouch-Sensor Array Fabricated by Hydrothermal Method
Modeling Heart Rate Variability with a HMM-based Neural Network
Development of Automated Diagnosis of Schizophrenia by Analyzing Facial Images
Operating Feeling Based Design in Human-robot Collaborative Control Systems
Development and Muscle Strength Training Evaluation for Horseback Riding Therapeutic Equipment
Development of Leg Rehabilitation Assistance
Direct Production for Prosthetic Sockets using Rapid Prototyping
Evaluation of Biosignal Processing Methods for Welfare Assisting Devices – Evaluation of EMG Information Extraction Processing Using Entropy
Development of A Five-finger Prosthetic Hand Using Ultrasonic Motors Controlled by Two EMG Signals
Multifunctional Electrical Prosthetic Hand -Development of Tendon-driven Mechanism and Controller
Development of Medical Care Assist Bed using Pneumatic Planar Soft Actuator
Evaluation of the Gait of Elderly People using an Assisting Cart (Gait on Slope)
Development of Crawler Stair Climber using Guide Rail
Development of Stair-climbing Wheelchair
Special Issue on Assistive Device Technologies
Subjective Evaluation for Maneuverability of a Robot Cooperating with Humans
Manipulator Work System Using Gesture Instructions
Development of an Autonomous Humanoid Robot, iSHA, for Harmonized Human-Machine Environment
Commitment-based Natural Language Interface System for Robots
Real-time Auditory and Visual Multiple-speaker Tracking For Human-robot Interaction
Development of Motion Data Description Language for Robots Based on eXtensible Markup Language – Realization of Better Understanding and Communication via Networks
Robot Motion Algorithm Based on Interaction with Human
Vocalization Control of a Mechanical Vocal System under Auditory Feedback
An Interface between an Exoskeletal Elbow Motion Assistance Robot and the Human Upper Arm
Cooperative Human-robot Handling of an Object with Motion Estimation
Special Issue on Human Robot Interaction
An Evaluation of Sliding Mode Control for Vehicle Suspensions
Implementing Fuzzy Learning Algorithms in a 6 DOF Hydraulic Parallel Link Manipulator: Actuators’ Fuzzy Modeling
Low Cost Pipe-crawling Pneumatic Robot
Mobile Robot Control in Intelligent Space for People Support
Multi-Functional Application of Wide-Angle Foveated Vision Sensor in Mobile Robot Navigation
The Second Stage Experiments on Long Term Activity of Autonomous Mobile Robots – Repetitive Navigation for One Week in a Corridor
Mobile Robot Playback Navigation Based on Robot Pose Calculation Using Memorized Omnidirectional Images
Study of Shape Representation Using Internal Radiated-light Projection
Probabilistic Uncertainty Modeling of Obstacle Motion for Robot Motion Planning
Sensor Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Dead Reckoning System of Mobile Robot: Interacting Multiple-Model Approach
Omnidirectional Cart with Power-assist System
Neuro-Based Position and Force Hybrid Control of Six-Legged Walking Robot
Special Issue on Modern Trends in Mobile Robotics
Qualitative Evaluation by ERP for vibration Discrimination
A Study of Feasibility for a Novel Parallel-serial Manipulator
The Development of a Stair-climbing Robot with Wavy Movement by Rotating Crosses
SMA-Net: A Deformable Morphology Robot Using Shape Memory Alloy
Enhancing the Autonomy of Teleoperated Redundant Manipulators Through Fusion of Intelligent Control Modules
Coordination Control of Arm Using Antagonistic Actuators
Actuator Arrangement and Motion Form of Vertebrate Leg
Control of Elasticity and Trajectory of Robot Arm with Redundant Actuators
Three-dimensional Nanorobotic Manipulations of Carbon Nanotubes
Positional Recognition and Attitude Control for 3-D Biomicromanipulation in Microscopy
Micro-object Pick and Place Operation under SEM based on Micro-physics

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