Stitching of 3-D Image Position Measurement System with 1-D Direction-sensitive Devices
Studies on Uncertainty Evaluation in Straightness Measurement
A Study on a New Type of Stereogram Using Binocularly Unpaired Wedge-Shaped Surfaces
Self-Partitioning State Space for Behavior Acquisition of Vision-Based Mobile Robots
Flying Robot with Biologically Inspired Vision
A Novel Robot Vision Employing a Silicon Retina
Visuo-Motor Adaptation to Stepwise and Gradual Changes in the Environment: Relationship between Consciousness and Adaptation
Role of Visual Feedback in Upright Posture Control
Rotational Dynamic Illusion Related to Physiological Influence in Virtual Environments
A Study on the Development of Accommodation-Assistance Glasses
Design of Automatic Focusing Glasses for Presbyopia
Information Processing in Visual System – Optical Illusion and Visual Mechanism
Special Issue on Vision and Mechatronics
Realization of Fast and Dexterous Tasks by a DD Parallel Robot Using Motor Back-drivability
Experimental Evaluation of Reconfigurable Brachiating Space Robot
Fault Adaptive Kinematic Control Using Multiprocessor System and its Verification Using a Hyper-redundant Manipulator
Spatial Generalization of Optimal Control for Robot Manipulators
A Control for Multi-Fingered Robotic Hand with Distributed Touch Sensor
Polishing Robot Using Joystick Controlled Teaching
Emergence of Affective Behaviors through Physical Interaction between Human and Mental Commit Robot
Study on Face Robot Platform as a KANSEI Medium
Workspace Analysis of Parallel Manipulator for Telemicromanipulation Systems
Image-based Visual Servoing for Optimal Grasping
Development of Pneumatic Human Interface and its Application to Compliance Display
Distributed Robust Motion Controller for Redundant Manipulator Using Disturbance Observer
Fingerprint Image Sensing Using Micromechanical Key and Extraction Algorithm for Sensed Fingerprint Image
Shaft Insertion for Moving Object Using Robot Manipulator with Cross PSD and Vibration End-effector
Special Issue on Recent Advances in Robot Control
Estimation of Pleasantness and Arousal Level Using Thermogram
Development and Evaluation of One-Shaft Type ER Clutch
Design and Manufacture of Small-Sized Electric Vehicles for Mechanical Engineering Education
Traffic Flow Simulator by Multiagent
Development of Hi-Fidelity Driving Simulator for Measuring Driving Behavior
Development of Advanced Parking Assistance System in the iCAN Framework
Automated Lane Change Control of Vision-Based Vehicle
Construction of Control Algorithm for an Autonomous Vehicle
An Overview on Control Algorithms for Automated Highway Systems
Obstacle Recognition and Position Measurement for Night Driving by Image Processing
Real-time Corridor Recognition for Autonomous Vehicle
3-D Position Measurement System for Autonomous vehicles Using Laser Fan Beam Scanners
Experimental Study on Application of DGPS-based Position Information to Automatic Driving Control
Special Issue on Fundamental Technologies for ITS
Study on Turning of Micro Robot Driven by Cyclic Force
Design and Experimental Validation of a Microgripper
Locating the Part Evoking SEP by Dipole Tracing Method
A Historical Perspective of Robotics Toward the Future
A Fixture-Free Piston-Stuffing Machine for Flexible Assembly Lines
Development of Flexible Inserter for IC Chip Testing
Automatic Startup Operation of Plastics Extruder by Flexible Intelligence Machine Control
Realization of Controllers for Manipulation of Deformable Objects Based on Hybrid Automaton and Human Skill

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