Determination of MRCP Evocation Model and Its Parameters
The Evaluation Method of Arousal Level by Local Fractal Analysis of Facial Skin Temperature
A Co-operative Transferring Task by Mobile Manipulators
Bolt Tightening Using Impact Wrench Based on Neural Networks
Fault Detection of Automobile Transmission Gears Using General Parameter Methods
Control of a Mobile Service Robot Using Human Evaluations of Task-related Movement Patterns
Knowledge Acquisition by Improved Fuzzy ID3 Algorithm and Stability Analysis for Jacket Tank Temperature Control
System Identification and Control using Probabilistic Incremental Program Evolution Algorithm
A New Fuzzy Inference Method for Symbolic Stability Analysis of Multigranular Intelligent Control System
Building up Embodiment in Learning Agents Using A Gaussian Radial Basis Function Neural Network
Flexible Intelligence Machine Control and its Application to Jacket Tank Temperature Control
Semiotic Approach to Perceptual State Construction for Behavior-Based Robot through Recursive and Progressive Deepening Utilization of Memory
Human-Integrated Supervisory Control of Uninhabited Combat Aerial Vehicles
Emerging Intelligence for Next-Generation Intelligent Systems and Control
A Control-Theoretic View of Intelligent Control
Special Issue on Intelligent Control in Coming New Generation
Evaluation of Wheel Performance on Rough Terrain and Development of HS Wheel
Construction of Cooperative Space Robot Systems and Analysis of Their Working Abilities
Planning Strategy for Task of Unfolding Clothes (Classification of Clothes)
Robot Manipulation Using Virtual Compliance Control
Study on Roller-Walker – Multi-mode Steering Control and Self-Contained Locomotion –
Development of a Low Resistance Micro Electro Magnetic Distance Sensor Using High Aspect Ratio Photo Resist
A Next-Generation Intelligent Car for Safe Drive
Tracking of Moving Object by Phase-only Correlation
Design of a VLSI Processor Based on an Immediate Output Generation Scheduling for Ball-Trajectory Prediction
Path Planning Based on Distance Transformation and Its VLSI Implementation
Stereo Vision VLSI Processor Based on Pixel-Serial and Window-Parallel Architecture
Device and System Development of General Purpose Digital Vision Chip
A Binary Image Sensor for Motion Detection
A CMOS Image Sensor with Non-Destructive High-Speed Imaging Mode and Its Applications
Special Issue on Intelligent Integrated Systems for Human-Oriented Information Society
Autonomous Formation of Transportation Order under Dynamical Environment
Open-loop Force Control of A Three-finger Gripper Through PWM Modulated Pneumatic Digital Valves
Determination of Meat Quality by Image Processing and Neural Network Techniques
An Evolutionary Algorithm for CT Image Reconstruction
Motion Planning for Six-Legged Locomotion Robot Based on Hierarchical Knowledge Using Genetic Programming
Development of Magnetic Recording to GOV-Rope
Design of Three-wheeled Planetary Rover Tri-StarII
AI, Robotics and Automation in Space
Mission-Task Support Aspects of Planetary Rover for Surface Analysis
Semi-Autonomous Telescience System for Planetary Exploration Rover
Design Concept and System Architecture of Reconfigurable Brachiating Space Robot
Summary of NASDA’s ETS-VII robot satellite mission
The SpaceDyn: a MATLAB Toolbox for Space and Mobile Robots
Space Robot Dynamics and Control: a Historical Perspective
Teleoperation Techniques for Assembling an Antenna by using Space Robots – Experiments on Engineering Test Satellite VII –
A Practical Control Scheme for Autonomous Capture of Free-Flying Satellites by Space Robotic Manipulator based on Predictive Trajectory
An Experimental Teleoperation System for Dual-Arm Space Robotics
Precise In-Orbit Servicing by Multisensory Hand-Connected with Long Arm
Development and Space Operation of Advanced Robotic Hand System

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