Autonomous Mobile Robot Carrying Food Trays to the Aged and Disabled – Robot Technology and Results of the Field Evaluation Test –
Intelligent Sensor Fault Detection of Vibration Control for Flexible Structures
Torque Reduction Method for Redundant Manipulator
Joint Positions and Robot Stability of the Omnidirectional Crawling Quadruped Robot
Fuzzy Behavior-Based Control for a Task of Three-Link Manipulator with Obstacle Avoidance
Recognition of Similar Patterns by Mutilayer Nets and Detection of Rotated Angle and Scale Ratio
Computer Interface Developed for the Person with Disabled Upper Limb
Estimation of Oxygen Desaturation by Analyzing Breathing Curves
Design Methodology of Drive Guide for Crawl Stair Lift
Power Assist Control Developed for Walking Support
Environment Mapping Robot Using Supersonic Sensor
Improvement of Maneuverability of Man-Machine System for Wearable Nursing Robots
Robot Hand and Finger Motion Using EMG
Study of a Brush-Type Micro-Robot Using Micro Coreless Motor
Micro Autonomous Robotic System
Cordless Optical Power Supply for Micromachine
New Fabrication of Multiple-Layer Microcoil Using Anodic Oxidized Aluminum
Intelligent Monitoring System for Grinding Process by Recurrent Fuzzy Inference -Evaluation of Inferred Surface Roughness Using Degree of Fuzziness-
In-pipe Mobile Micromachine Using Fluid Power Adaptable to Pipe Diameters
Odometry in Cooperative Multi-Mobile Robots
Kinematic Synthesis of In-Parallel Actuated Mechanisms Based on the Global Isotropy Index
High-speed End Milling of Extruded Aluminum Alloys Using Articulated Robot
An Analysis and Generation of Bunraku Puppet’s Motions Based on Linear Structure of Functional Factors, Emotional Factors and Stochastic Fluctuations for Generation of Humanoid Robots’ Actions with Fertile Emotions
Design of a Robotic System that Plays with a Yoyo
Laser Detection and Fast Negotiation of Steps with Unknown Position and Height by a Variable-Structure-Type 4-Wheeled Robot
On-line Identification of Furnace Parameters for Coal-Fired Boiler Control
Modeling and Feedback Control for Vibratory Feeder of Electromagnetic Type
Empirical Measurement toward an Emergent Perceptibility of Autonomous Robots
Reaction Force Control of a Parallel Biwheel Vehicle Driven with a Stepping Motor
An Adaptive PI Control System for an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot
Motor Driving Control of an X-Y-Z Table Using a Photoelectric Device and Optical Pattern Recognition
A Study of the Multipurpose Intelligent Guided Vehicle for Education
Noncontact Hold and Transfer Control by a Two-link Robot Arm with a Magnetic Robot Hand
Feasibility Study of Fault Diagnostics Using Multiple Neural Networks
Fruit Harvesting Robotics
Assembly Sequence Planning Using Inductive Learning
Self-Powered Active Vibration Control Using Regenerated Vibration Energy
Biped Walking Using Multiple-Link Virtual Inverted Pendulum Models
Dynamic Walking Control of the One-Legged Robot With Controlling Rotor (Directional Walking with Yaw Angle Control)
Sub-optimal Operating Time for Saving Energy of an Articulated Manipulator
Simulation of Pipeline Dynamics Using an Optimized Finite Element Model
Stability Analysis of Planar Grasp with 2D-Virtual Spring Model
Mechanism Design of Anthropomorphic Robot Hand: Gifu Hand I
Air Impact Drive for Positioning by Pulse and Continuous Air Pressure
Transformation and Mechanical Properties of TiNi Thin Films Sputter Deposited at Various Argon Pressures for Micromachine Actuators
Analysis of an Opto-Pneumatic Control System and Improvement of its Control Performance
Development of a Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Micromotion Device Consisting of Soft Gel Actuators
Formation and Piezoelectric Property of PZT Film Synthesized Hydrothermally
Special Issue on Assistive Device Technologies
IFAC Commitment on Research and Development in Biorobotics

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