Unattended Production Based on Cooperation between Offline and Online Robots
Device Developed to Measure Drive Roller
Optopneumatic Interface for Controlling Pneumatic Power Circuits
Evaluation of Picture-taking System for Railway Vision
Sketching for Porcelain Using Image Processing
Robot Objective Parallel Calculation and Real-time Control Using a Digital Signal Processor
Development of 2-D Jaw Movement Simulator (JSN/S1)
Software Package BDSP Developed to Simulate Hydraulic Systems
Dynamic Autonomous Car Mobile Analysis Simulating Mechanical Systems Analysis – First Dynamic Characteristics of Running Mouse –
Network-Based Robot Simulator Using Hierarchical Graphic Icons
Symbolic Analysis of Robot Base Parameter Set Using Grobner-Basis
Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms Using Motor Algebra and Graph Theory
Special Issue on Analysis and Simulation Systems for Robotics and Mechatronics
Human Support Technology Division
Evaluation of Slit Light System for Objects with Metallic Reflection and Application to Iron Wheels
Deformation of Windmill Support and Operation
Consideration of Local Wind Energy
Self-Tuning Neuro-PID for Stabilization of Double Inverted Pendulum
GA-Based Q-CMAC Applied to Airship Evasion Problem
Chaotic Evolutionary Parallel Computation on Intelligent Agents
A Framework for Evolution of Computer Systems on the Fly
Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Behavior Generation by Reinforcement Learning
Navigation for a Behavior-Based Autonomous Mobile Robot
Multilegged Vehicle Using Multireactive Agent
Applying Vibrational Potential Method to Shop Scheduling Problems
Acquiring Behavioral Rules for Action-Based Robot Environments
Mobile Operations Performed by Mobile Manipulators on Irregular Terrain – Torque Compensation Using Neural Networks for Disturbance Torques Produced by Irregular Terrain –
Design Analysis of a Pneumatic Force Control Servosystem with Pressure Proportional Valve
Collision-Free Trajectory Planning for a Two-Dimensional Mobile Robot by Optimizing Continuous Curves
Velocity Measurement for Planar Motions of Machines Using the LM Measuring Device
Logistic Chaos Protects Evolution against Environment Noise
Sensory Network for Mobile Robotic Systems with Structured Intelligence
Kinematic Description of Self-Organized Leg Motion Transition in Human Locomotion Learning
Autonomous Mobile Robot Behavior Control Using Immune Network
Set Representation Using Schemata and its Constructing Method from Population in GA
Robotic Mind -Subjectivity & Objectivity-
Chaos Universal Learning Network Clustering Control
Chaotic Short-Term Prediction to Water Flow into Hydroelectric Power Stations
Position Estimation of Vehicle Using GPS Data and Internal Sensor Data
TD Learning with Neural Networks
Generation Method of Evaluation for a Robot Considering Relations with Other Robots
Special Issue on Complex Systems in Robotics
Development of Oxygen Sensor Using Fiber-optics Coupler
Trajectory Tracking Control of a Flexible Mobile Robot using Disturbance Observer
Emotion Analysis using FST
The Influence of Environmental Conditions on Automated Fabric Handling
Service Robot for Housekeeping – Clothing Handling –
Planning Strategy for Task Untangling Laundry – Isolating Clothes from a Washed Mass –
Unfolding Folded Fabric Using Outline Information with Vision and Touch Sensors
Long-Distance Optical Fiber Cable Installation System Using Automatic Control Puller

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