The Study of Topograph Analysis of Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
Computer Interface Device for the Handicapped to Use Head Movement
Natural Motion Generation of Biped Locomotion Robot using Hierarchical Evolutionary Algorithm in the Various Environments
3-D Measurement and Computer Graphics of Huge Rock
Allocation of Proximity Sensors for Obstacle Detection of a Robot Manipulator
Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing System Laboratory
Manufacture of Micropropellers by Means of Ultraprecision Milling Machine
Distributed Anthropocentric FA System – Manufacturing Machine and Human Interface with Intervention Support System –
The Programming/Execution Environment for Distributed FA Control Systems (1st Report) – The Design and Implementation of the Glue Logic –
A Combined Molecular Dynamics and Rigid-Plastic FEM Simulation of Atomic Level Cutting
A Study on Controlling Algorithm to Realize High-Speed & High-Accuracy Control Systems – Proposal of modified Delta Operator –
Development of CAM System Based on Simulation of the Copy Operation – An Application to the Boundary Representation Method and High Efficiency Machining –
Experimental Assessment for Examination of Curves and Surfaces by Auditory Sense
Design and Evaluation of a New-Type Multifunctional Machine Tool – Functional Requirements and Design –
Technological Trends of Rapid Tooling by Layer Laminate Manufacturing
Special Issue on Emerging Technology in Manufacturing
Study on Non-Contact Hold and Transfer Control of Spherical Magnetic Body by Magnetic Robot Hand with Prototype Gap Sensor System
A Study on Quantification of Weight Sensation by EMG
Studies on Cardinality of Solutions for Multilayer Nets and a Scaling Method in Hardware Implementations
Difference of Solution Regions due to Net Polarity
Bending and Torsional Vibration Control of a Flexible Structure Using H-infinity Based Approach
Environment Recognition and Path Planning by Multiple Mobile Robots
Simulation Language for Multiple Mobile Robots
New Design Methodology for RCC Using Elastomer Shear Pads
Development of an Infrared Sensory System with Local Communication Facility for Collision Avoidance of Multiple Mobile Robots
Autonomous Mobile Robot System for Long Distance Outdoor Navigation on University Campus
Micro SCARA Robot for Miniature Parts Assembling
A Learning Control Application for a Pneumatic Manipulator on Impact Motion
An Analysis of Inverse Kinematics of Robot Manipulators using Grobner Basis
Velocity-Based Control of Manipulator/Vehicle System Floating on Water
Honda’s Humanoid Leads A New Robotic Century
Automapping by Autonomous Mobile Robot using Ultrasonic Range Sensor
Intrinsically Safe Pneumatic Amplifier for Mechatronic Systems
Soft Computing with New Physical Measure of Controllability for Intelligent Control of the Two-Link Manipulator (1st Report: Study of Free Motion of Nonlinear Control Object)
Development of a Construction Robot for Marking on Ceiling Boards
Farming Robots
Position Control of a Manipulator on PWS-type Locomotor
Development of the Intelligent Mobile Robot for Service Use Report 1: Environmental-Adjustable Autonomous Locomotion Control System
Three-Dimensional Stability Criterion of Integrated Locomotion and Manipulation
Control Strategy for Mobile Manipulators
Mobile Robot in the Clean Room – SEL-CARRY ACE –
Robots with Integrated Locomotion and Manipulation and Their Future
Promises and Problems of Locomotion and Manipulation Integrated Robot
Special Issue on Robot with Integrated Locomotion and Manipulation
Extraction of Features in EEG
Active Visual Feedback Control of Robot Manipulator
Design and Evaluation of a Visual Display with a Sensation of Presence in Tele-existence System
A Virtual Work Space for Both Hands Operations
Recognition by Inconsistent Information from Visual and Haptic Interface
Application of Artificial Reality in Manufacturing Industry

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