Study of the Stability and Motion Control of a Unicycle (5th Report: Experimental Results by Fuzzy Gain Schedule PD Controllers)
Extraction and Motion Estimation of 3D Objects from Stereo Image Sequence
Forecast Method of Obstacle Region in Dynamic Environment
Intelligent Control of a Mobile Robot for Service Use in Office Buildings and Its Soft Computing Algorithms
Tactile Based Active Sensing for Detecting Stiffness and Contact Point Using Robotic Finger
Design of a Parallel Processor for Visual Feedback Control Based on the Reconfiguration of Word Length
Optimal Design of a VLSI Processor with Spatially and Temporally Parallel Structure
Implementing Intelligence in Silicon Integrated Circuits Using Neuron-Like High-Functionality Transistors
Robot Vision VLSI Processor for the Rectangular Solid Representation of 3-Dimensional Objects
VLSI Processor System for Robotics
Highly-Safe Intelligent Integrated Systems
Special Issue on Integration of Intelligence for Robotics in VLSI Chips
Construction of Robot Structure Design Support System by Constraint Logic Programming
Representation of a Product Assembly Architecture for Assembly Sequence Generation
On Sign-board Based Inter-Robot Communication in Distributed Robotic Systems
Collision Avoidance Using Communication between Autonomous Mobile Robots
Acquiring Objective Functions in Distributed Rule-Based Systems from Examples
An Approach to Emergence Mechanism of Affordance
Processor Performance Required for Decentralized Kinematic Control Algorithm of Module-Type Hyper-Redundant Manipulator
Decentralized Motion Control of Dual Manipulators in Coordination Using Vision and Force Sensors
Clock Synchronization Mechanisms for a Distributed Autonomous System
Elemental Technologies for Collective Robots
Design Disquisition on Modular Robot Systems
Collaborative Manipulation by Independent Manipulators
A Study on Dynamically Reconfigurable Robotic System (Communication Reduction with Risk Estimate in Cellular Robotic System)
Special Issue on Distributed Robotic Systems
Artificial Emotional Creature Project to Intelligent Systems
Robot Manipulators Control with Guaranteed Stability Using Feedback Error Learning Neural Networks
Analysis of Somatosensory Evoked Potentials by Tactile Board Stimuli Skin
Control of a Robot Arm by Electromyogram -Recognition of Arm Motion by Neural Network
Self-Organization of Lower Limb Motion in Human Locomotion
Obstacle Avoidance Using Vibrating Potential Method (Self-Organization in a Narrow Path)
A Study on Self-Organization of Heuristics Using Analogy
A Proposal of Multi-Module Network for Association of Patterns and Symbols
Intelligent Robot Prototyping Based on Chaotic Retrieval
Self-Organization and Basis Functions of Neural Network Controllers
An Application for Diagnosis by Chaotic Approach (An Application to Discrimination of Arrhythmia)
“Mind” Left by Modern Science
An Approach to Chaos and Self-Organizing Behaviors in Symbiotic Relationships between Human and Robots
Special Article of Chaos, Self-Organized System
Mie University, Faculty of Engineering, Hori Research Laboratory
The University of Tokyo – Hori Laboratory –
Modeling and Robust Control of a Flexible Solar Array Paddle as Clamped-Clamped-Free-Free Rectangular Plates
GA in Continuous Space and Fuzzy Classifier System for Opening a Door with a Manipulator of Mobile Robot: New Benchmark of Evolutionary Intelligent Computing
Force Controlled Pneumatic Manipulator
Efficiency Assessment of Performance of Decentralized Autonomous Multi-Robot Systems
Flexible Manipulator Control Based on Inverse Dynamics Model and Joint Feedback
State Estimation for Mobile Robot using Partially Observable Markov Decision Process
Three Dimensional Digital Simulation of Legged Robots
Variable-Structure Disturbance Observer for Decoupling Control of Robot Manipulators

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