Miniature Robot with Micro Capillary Capturing Probe for Surface Clearing Operation
Control of Vertebrate Backbone System by Using Artificial Rubber Muscles (Control of Two-Degree-of-Freedom System by Using Three Artificial Rubber Muscles)
Pneumatic Bellows Actuator with Force Sensing Ability and Its Application to a Pneumatic Robot
Motion Control of a Piezopolymer Bimorph Flexible Microactuator
Basic Consideration of Actuators with Multi DOF Having an Identical Center of Rotation
A millimeter-Sized Robot Using SMA and Its Control
Dynamic Properties of the Visco-Elastic Actuator Designed as an Artificial Muscle
Hybrid-Type Position and Force Control of Robot Manipulator Using Artificial Rubber Muscle
Development of Micro Actuator Using ER Fluid
Development and Progress of Expected New Actuator Technology
Special Issue on New Actuators
Digital Control Parallel VLSI Processor
Force Control of Manipulators Based on H Controller (Application of Joint Torque Feedback)
Detection of Blobs Using Variable Windows
Evaluation of Removed Quantity for Wall Coating Removing Robot Using Image Processing
Maneuverability of Control in Passing Over a Reducer and Pipeline Diagnostic Results of Mark V Robot with Lazy Tongs Mechanism
A Force Controlled Finishing Robot System with a Task-Directed Robot Language
Hybrid Robot System Fire-Defense in High-Rise Buildings
Development of Internal Gas Pipe Inspection Robot
Development of a Maintenance Work Robot for Large Diameter Water Piping – A Vacuum-Cleaning Vehicle Robot –
Navigation System for Air Conditioning Equipment Inspection Robot
Special Issue on Advanced Maintenance Robots
Modeling of Dynamics and Model-Based Control of DELTA Direct-Drive Parallel Robot
Solution Space and BP Learning Behavior of Multilayer Networks Whose Units Are Different in Polarity
Dynamics of the Mechanical Levitation Control System for Maglev Transport Vehicle (Effect of Guide Wheel Stiffness and Dead Zone Element)
Enhanced Curving Performance of Unsymmetric Suspension Trucks with Semiactive Control Concept Even under Acting Traction/Brake Torque
H Vibration Control of Active Suspension for High-Speed Train
The Estimation of Ambiguous Change in 4WS Control System Using Failure Detection Filter
Improvement of Ride Comfort with Active Suspension System Using Preview Control Law
Vehicle Dynamics Control with Variable Alignment Suspension
Integration of Bilinear Systems and Neural Networks for Designing Nonlinear Semi-Active Suspensions
Vibration Control of Engine Roll and Bounce Using Hydraulic Engine Mounts
Theory of Active Suspension Design
Automotive’s Vibration Analysis by Dynamic Impedance Method (Available Criterion in Use of Singular Value Decomposition)
Special Issue on Advanced Vehicle Dynamics and, Control
Miniaturized Light Source Direction Sensitive Device: DSD
Autonomous Mobile Robot for Hospitals
Adaptive Reinforcement Learning and Its Application to Robot Compliance Learning
Simplified Adaptive Nonlinear Robust Controller for Linearized Pantagraph-Type Manipulator
Measurement of Color CRT Beam Profile and Its Application to Focus Evaluation
High-Speed Machine Vision System Based on Human Sensibility Analysis for Automotive Cluster Dial Inspection
Automatic Combination of Modular Machine Elements Forming Complex Manufacturing Cell
Inspection System of Soldering Joint on Printed Circuit Board by Using Neural Network
3-D Shape Measurement Sensor for Specular Objects
Rotation Measurement and Control of Optically Trapped Particles
A Robotic Truck Crane with Vibration Sensors
Robotic Intelligence for Man-Robot Cohabitation – Model-Based Approach –
Human Reader: A Paradigm for a Multimedia-Based Human Interface
Packaged Sensors, Microactuators and Three-Dimensional Microfabrication
CIM, Its Application, Technology and Future

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