Trajectory Planning of Manipulator Using Optimization of Uniform B-Spline
A Study of On-Machine Measurement with the Compensation of Probe Sensitivity in a Machine Tool
The Use of Self-Organizing Cells in Robot Motion Planning
STEP Draughting Model for the Exchange of Technical CAD Drawings
Product Model Structures in STEP
GNOSIS Knowledge Systematization: Configuration Systems for Design and Manufacturing
Holonic Manufacturing Systems
Clean Manufacturing in the Process Industries
Special Issue on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Posture Detection and Landing Control of Robot Thrown in Midair
Representation and Matching of Two-dimensional Curvilinear Figures Considering Curvatures and Spatial Positions
Space Robotics Research at the National Aerospace Laboratory – Orbital Servicing Technology –
Space Robot Study at Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Space Robotics Research in NEC Corporation – Toward Space Robots: Integration of Robotics & Space Technology –
Space Robotics Research in Hitachi MERL
Space Robotics Researches at Electrotechnical Laboratory: Dexterous EV Robot Technology
Space Robotics Research at the University of Osaka Prefecture – Control of Free-Flying Robots with Structurally Flexible Manipulators –
Research Activities for Space Robot at Osaka University
Space Robotics Research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology
Performance Evaluation of Experimental Device for Space Robot
Space Robotics Research at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
In-Orbit Experiment of Space Robot Technologies on ETS-7
Disturbance Compensation Control of a Free-Flying Robot
Path Planning of Space Robots by Using Nonlinear Optimization Technique
Dynamically Reconfigurable Robotic System
Space Robotics Research at Space Machines Laboratory, Department of Aeronautics and Space Engineering, Tohoku University – Research on Space Machines Aiming at the 21st Century –
Special Issue on Space Robotics
Modeling Fuel Injection Control Maps Using Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
Failure-Detecting Method Using Fusion of Sensor Information and Visual Knowledge
Active Vibration Control System for Tall Structures
Microgravity Production for the Test Capsule Falling Through the Drop Shaft
Distribution of Natural Compliance in Force Control of Space Manipulator
Dynamic Modeling of Robot Force Control System and Its Application to a Parts Handling Task
Computer-Aided Control System Design and Control Performance for Active Vibration Control Systems Based on μ Synthesis Theory
Vibration Control of A Time-Varying Flexible Beam Using a Piezoelectric Servo-Damper
Experimental Study on Arrangements of Setting Points of an Actuator and Sensor for the Vibration Control of Flexible Structures
A Study on Active Vibration Control of Plate Structures for Isolating Noise
Simultaneous Optimization of Positioning and Vibration Controls Using Time-Varying Criterion Function
Modeling of Flexible Structures and Control Theory
Vibration Control of Hakucho Bridge Tower under Construction Using Actively-Controlled Mass Damper
Tuned Active Dampers Installed in the Yokohama Landmark Tower
Development of V-Shaped Hybrid Mass Damper and its Application to a High-Rise Building
Active Vibration Control of Flexible Structures Arranged in Parallel
Robust Control for a Flexible Structure Possessing Transverse-Torsional Coupled Vibration
Vibration and Motion Control of Flexible Structures by Hybrid Dynamic Absorber(Influence of Vibration System with Nonlinear Element)
Residual Vibration Reduction of Time-Varying Flexible Structures by Input Shaping
Robust Control of a Flexible Arm
Vibration Control of Truss Structure by Piezoelectric Actuator
Attitude Control Algorithm for Free-Flying Space Robot (Cooperative Control of Feedforward and Feedback)

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