Trajectory Generation of a Multi-Arm Robot Using Virtual Dynamics
Trajectory Generation of a Multi-Arm Robot Utilizing Kinematic Redundancy
A Fundamental Study of an Animation Presentation System for JSL Signs
Remote Assistance Method for Advanced Teleoperation Using an Intervention Tool
Evaluation of a Reduced Order Model for Quadruped System and Proposition of a Walking Control Method Using Quasi-Angular-Momentum
8-Legged Underwater Walking Robot
Distributed Control System for Six-Legged Walking Robot
Basic Study of Quadruped Locomotion System with Ability to Adjust Compliance
Development of Quadruped Walking Robots and Their Gait Study
Learning Control System of Biped Locomotive Robot Using Neural Networks
Micro-Walking Robot Driven by Flexible Microactuator
Effect of the Motion in Horizontal Plane on the Stability of Biped Walking
Development of a Quadruped Dynamic Walking Machine by One Active Actuator
Study of Dynamic Walk Control of a Biped Robot on Rugged Terrain – Derivation and Application of the Linear Inverted Pendulum Mode –
Basic Design and Synchronized Motion Control for Hexapod Walking Machine
Biped Walking Robot Compensating Moment by Trunk Motion
Toward Development of Practical Quadruped Walking Vehicles
Special Issue on Legged Locomotion
Learning Model for Recursive Self-Generation of Target
Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot for Obstacle Avoidance
Mold & Assemble Integrated Machine for Plastic Parts
Free-Form Surface Modeler with Artificial Reality
Production Engineering for Small-Size and Functional Motion of Total Arm Prosthesis
Calculation Method of Majority Rule for Coil Position Detection Apparatus and Its Evaluation
Repair Equipment for Large-Scale Panel by Penning Discharge Micro-Sputtering Method
Measurement System for Multiple Degrees of Freedom Moving Robot
High Accuracy Calibration System for Angular Encoders
Powered Orthosis for Lower Limbs -Its Structure and Control-
Two-Level Control Structure of Magnetic Bearings
Adjustable Compliant Motion of Ultrasonic Motor
Drive of a Piezoelectric Cycloid Motor in a High Frequency Range
The Designing Principles and Methods of Mechatronics Device and Product System
Vision Systems for Electronics Industry in Japan (Automation of Manual Adjustment Works by Image Processing Technologies)
Industrial Vicissitudes and Commercialization of Technology in Japan
Special Issue on Japanese-French Congress of Mechatronics
Auditory Neuromagnetic Fields Evoked by Spectral Transition of Syllables
Frequency Analysis System of Auditory Nerves with Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) by Harmonious Tone
Electrical Characteristics of Solid Lubricant Composites Dispersed in High-Purity Mineral Oils
Method for Detecting Moving Obstacles Using Passive 3D Visual Sensor
Questions and Answers Among Multiple Robots for Dynamically Enhancing Each Robot’s Capability
Motion and Control of Space Robot
Development of Inspection System for IC Lead Frame Defects
Study on the Sheet Escape and Feeding Mechanism Using Ultrasonic Vibration (1st Report) – Design Concept and Its Experimental Investigation –
Study on High Speed Feed Drive System for Machine Tools -Improvement of PID Control Parameter-
Output of Cam Motion Curve by DC Servo Motor (2nd Report) -Residual Vibrating Characteristics of Motor Load-
Positioning of an X-Y Stage Using the Horizontal Acceleration Signal of the Base Plate
Study on Optical Servo System (Modelling for Photovoltaic Effect in PLZT Element)
Design and Positioning Control of Microhead Actuator for Optical Disk Storage System (Design Guidelines for a Collocation-Type Actuator)
Focusing Actuator for Magneto-optical Disk Drives
Application of Micromechatronics

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