A Consideration on a Dynamic Control Method for Quadruped Walking Robots
Vibration Suppressing Control of Flexible Rotary Crane Using Tip Position Sensor
Distinction of Glossy Colored Objects Using Gray Level
Microdrive for Extracellular Recording of Single Neurons Using Fine Wires
Motion Control of a Robot Composed of Three Serial Links with Curved Contour (Ist Report; Concept and Dynamic Control of the Robot)
Motion Control of the Parallel Bicycle Type Mobile Robot which is Composed of a Triple Inverted Pendulum (lst Report, Stability Control of Standing Upright, Ascending and Descending of Stairs)
Dynamic Walking Control of the One-Legged Robot with Controlling Rotor
A Study of the Control of the Variable Structure-Type Locomotive Robot (4th Report, Postural Change and Locomotion by Jumping of the Control Arm/Leg-Type)
Study on a Two-Link Horizontal Bar Gymnastics Robot with Passive Joint (Motion Control Using Feedforward Control Based on Inverse Dynamics)
Simulation of Musical Performances
Special Issue on Current Status and Prospects of Amusement Robots
Visual Evoked Potential by LED Stimulation and Its Application
New Technique for Golf Swing Measurement Using Three Dimensional Motion Analysis
PEM-Modelling: A Framework for Designing Intelligent Robot Control
Collision Avoidance for a Multiple-DOF Manipulator Based on Empty Space Analysis of the 3-D Real World
Motion Control of the Brachiation Type of Mobile Robot Using Cerebellar Neural Model
Multi-Sensor Integration System utilizing Fuzzy Inference and Neural Network
Optimum Velocity Vector of Articulated Robot for Soft Bumping
Dynamic Job-Shop Scheduling by Hopfield-Type Neural Network
Dynamic Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems with Learning Agents
Kraft: An Autonomous Robot Manipulation System Based on Geometrical Modeling and Processing
An Efficient Path-Planning Algorithm for a Robotic Manipulator by Automatic Selection Search of Indispensable Regions in Its Configuration Space
Motion Planning for Robotic Manipulators
Current Situation of Path Planning of Mobile Robots
Special Issue on Planning and Intelligent Behavior
Construction for Letter Representation by Mobile Tactile Board
Development of Anthropomorphic Robot Arm (Mark-2)
A Development of Medical Data Archiving System by Use of 3.5 inch Magneto Optical Disk as a Record Medium
About the Use of the Floating Frame in the Optimal Control of the Flexible Robot Arm
A Study on Optical Piezo-Electric Actuator (Response Experiments by U.V. Beam and Photo Response Model)
Impedance Mapping Method and System for Blood Flow Measurement in Brain
Autonomous Generation of Potential Field in Obstacle Avoidance Problem
Evaluation of the State of Freezing of Frozen Wet Foods by Impedance Measurement
Application of Robot Techniques to Research of Brain
Neuromagnetic Responses to ON/OFF Stimuli of Red Point Light
A New Approach in Robot Control Systems for Home Nursing
Development of Whole Arm Prothesis (Prototype II)
Analysis of Axial Force and Moment on Above-Knee Prosthesis Socket -Application of Control Signal to A/K Prosthesis-
The Control Method for the Robot Hand Based on the Fuzzy Theory
Development of Welfare Robots Similar to Human Hands
Special Issue on Advanced Mechatronics Technology for Life Supprot and Human Welfare
3-D Illusory Phenomena with Binocular Viewing and Computer Vision
The Driving Pipeline: A Pipelined Architecture for Outdoor Mobile Robots
Three-Dimensional Tactile Display by Multi-Stage Actuator
Study on Group-Behavior Control of Microrobots
Ultrasonic Measurement and Control of Microrobotic Drug Delivery System
A Hierarchical Distributed Path Planning for Redundant Manipulators Based on Virtual Arm
A Distributed Mechanical Structure and Its Control System
Distributed Autonomous Robotic System Configurated with Multiple Agents and Its Cooperative Behaviors
Postural Control of Living Organisms and Its Engineering Systems

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