Self-Locating Measurement System for Mobile Robot Working in the Building Site
Transient Characteristics of Model-Following Servo System
Analysis of Hand-Arm Coordinate Motion on Constraint Tasks
Collison Control of the Robot Manipulator by a Learning Control Using the Weighted Least-Squares Method
Stable Control of Multi-link Manipulator Using Collision Phenomena
Cooperative Compliant Motion Control of Writ and Arm
Robust Impedance Control for Robot Manipulator
Impedance Control of a Pneumatic Servo System with Adaptive Control Method
Impedance Regulation in Human Movements During a Rotation Task
Tendon-Sheath Mechanism and Its Influence on Force Control
Handling of Soft Object/Explanation Compliance Control and Soft Contact Problems
Special Issue on Force and Compliance Control
Physical Explication and Realization of the Turning Motion of a Cat by Analysis and Experiment Using a Robot Cat
Fuzzy Control of Robot Hand Based on EMG
Knowledge Based Robot Programming
Calculation Model-Based Machine Design System and Application to Robot Programming
Multi-Fingered Robot Hand with Very Simple Actuation and Control
Fast Pattern Processing for Robot Vision
Visual Control of Robotic Manipulator Based on Artificial Neural Network
Navigation/Locating Control of Mobile Robots for Construction
Structured Sign for Guidance of Mobile Robot
Development of a Laser Range Sensor for a Mobile Robot
Postural and Driving Control of a Variable-Configuration-Type Parallel Bicycle
Active Control for Whirling Motion of Flexible Rotor
A Review of Experiments on Adaptive Control and Computed Torque Control by a Robot with the Non-Linear Reduction Ratio Feature
Positioning Mechanism with Three Degrees of Freedom Using Piezoelectric Actuators
A Vertical X-ray Stepper for SOR Lithography
Analysis of Jitter used for Polygonal Scanner
Disturbance Compensation Control in Media-Handling System
Ultra-Precision Linear Motor Positioning Technique
Compensation of Transfer Deviation on Symmetry Type Bilateral Servo Mechanism
Optimum Design Method for Sub-Reed of an Ultrasonic Motor
Harmonic Drive with a Built-in Torque Sensor and Its Application to Torque Control
Practical Use of Magnetic Bearing Has Started – Non-contact Bearing of New Concept –
Special Issue on Mechatronics
The Measurement of 2-Dimensional Micro-Pattern Using Laserbeam Scanning
A Direction Sensing Technique of a Reference Point by Using Cross-Hair Diffraction Beam
Development of Long Span, High Precision Absolute Linear Scale by Moire Fringes
Non-Contact, Real-Time, 3-Dimensional-Motion Analyzing System by Color Vision
A Study on a 3-Dimensional Expert Vision System Using the Fiber Grating Method (The Neural Network Applications for Recognition of Plant Pipeline Direction)
Setup Planning of Active Visual Sensing for Autonomous Robots
Three-Dimensional Curved Shape Measuring System Using Image Encoder
Automatic Fringe Analysis of Moiré Interferometry
Automatic 3D Measurement System by the Grid Illumination Type Moire Method
3-Dimensional Shape Recognition by Active Vision
Recent Holographic Interferometry
The Recent Trend of Moire Metrology
3-Dimensional Shape Measurement
Intelligent Robot Sensor System
Special Issue on Spatial Information Sensing

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