The Development of a Transputer Board
Parallel Processing Systems for Robot Control
Real-Time Processing LSIs for Robot Vision
Robot Electronics System
The Development of a Direct Drive Master Arm
Head Positioning Control Using DSPs
A Distributed Control System Using Transputers
An Advanced Robot Control System Using a DSP-Based Vector Computation Engine
Dynamically Reconfigurable Robotic Systems – Optimal Knowledge Allocation for Cellular Robotic System (CEBOT) –
Image Processing and Recognition System Using Transputer
Design of a Matrix Multiply-Addition VLSI Processor for Robot control
Design of a Parallel Collision Detection Check VLSI Processor for Robot Manipulator
Special Issue on Computer Architecture for Robotics
Robot Studies at Industrial Products Research Institute
Robot Control System ARS/A for Research
Hobby Robots and Micromouse
Ensemble Robot
Application of Ultrasonic Light Modulator to Estimation of Blood Characteristics
A High-Speed Filtering Processor for Image Processing
Riding Simulator
Development of an Inspection Robot for Penstocks
Quasi-Optimum Control of a Robotic Rotary Crane
Control of Master-Slave Manipulator Based on Virtual Internal Model
Fluid Drag Force Production and Motion Control of an Aquarobot Manipulator by Ejecting Air Bubbles
A Method of Recognition-Process Classification by Thermo Distribution and EEG Frequency (P300) Analysis
An Automated Control System-Designing System Assisted by Hypothetical Reasoning
Fundamental Study on Hand Waving Sensors
Optical Neuron Computers – Associative Memory and Learning by Optical Parallel Processing –
An Auxiliary Instrument for Automobiles Using Tactile Sense
Development of a Tactile Board for Image Input
A New Design of a 6-DOF Parallel Robot
Automatic Operation of a Mobile Robot Using an RCE Network
Trajectory Generation of a Biped Locomotive Robot
Neural Network Type Grasping Control for Robot Hand
Gravity Compensation for Manipulator Control by Neural Networks with Partially Preorganized Structure
Force Control of Robot Manipulator by Neural Network Model – Experiment and Evaluation of One-Degree-of-Freedom Manipulator –
Optimal Trajectory Control of Arms Using a Neural Network Model
Motor Schema Model Learned by Structural Neural Networks
Adaptive Neural Network Controllers for Dynamics Systems
Sensor Fusion : The State of the Art
Research Trends in Neuromorphic Control
Neural Networks and the Applications for Robot Control
Harmonic Drive Built-in Torque Sensor
A Spherical DC Servomotor with Three Degrees of Freedom
Horizontal Manipulator for Use in Concrete Depositing
Sensor Fusion in Intelligent Maintenance Robot
Colored Character and Number Recognition by Using Cutaneous Sensation
Composition of Multiple D.O.F. Robot Control System Using a Parallel Processing Microcomputer
Gray Scale Judgement System

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