Mobile Robot Which Can Shift from One Horizontal Bar to Another by Using Excitation of Vibration
Micro Robot Arm Utilizing Rapid Deformations of Piezoelectric Elements
Multi-Layered Electrostatic Actuator
Restoration of the Walking Motion of Bipedal Dinosaurs
Sensing Techniques for Mechatronics Systems
XY Stage Capable of Positioning in Submicron Order
DD-type Linear Motor Systems and Their Applications
Advanced Motion Control of Direct Drive Actuators
Change of Types of Automatic Assembly System for Photo Products
Development of Ladder Climbing Robot LCR-1
Driving-Torque Reduction for Aqua-Robot-Manipulator by Ejecting Air Bubbles
Numerical Simulation of Horizontal Articulated Robots in Consideration of Flexibility of Mechanical Systems
Coordination Control in Artificial Fingers
Practical Application of Expert Systems – Current Status and Future Prospects
Research Tends in the Off-Line Programming of Robots
Laser Vision Sensor for Disaster-Prevention Robot
Active Range Pattern Sensor
Noncontact Three-Dimensional Contour Instrumentation – Development of High-Speed Active Range Finder –
Optical 3-D Information Acquisition Methods
Acquisition of 3-D Optical Information
Development of Musician Robots
3-Finger Hand Using Rubber Tube Type Artificial Muscle
Development of the Spherical SCARA Robot
Recent Servo Motor Driver
Robotics Applications of Shape Memory Actuator
Microrotary Actuator and Examples of its Applications
Fuzzy Control System and Its Application
High Precision Automatic Alignment and its Computer Vision Technology
Laser Encoders
Application of the Three Dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machine (CAD/CAM for the New Cosmetic Hand)
Development of Mastication Robot WJ-1
Shape Control of Flexible Structure With Gravitational Compensation
Vibration Control of a Slider Pendulum-Type Loader Arm Driven by a Software-Cam Curve
Damping Control of Direct-Driven Servo Valve Using an Observer
Sensing System of Robot
An Approach to Human-Like Grasping Control
Snake-Type Robot
Micro/Miniature Actuator Using Shape Memory Alloy
Design and Control for Faster Robots
3-D Sewing Technology Using Manipulators
Micro Walking Machines Using Piezoelectric Actuators
Development of Power-Assisted Head-Coupled Display System for Tele-Existence
Obstacle Detector by Using Both the Ultrasonic and Infrared Sensors
Synchronous Steering Control of a Parallel Bicycle
Coordination Control of Artificial Five Fingers With Multiple Degrees of Freedom and a Concept of Three Dimensional Stable Grasping
On-Line Recognition of Robot Operation by Using a Vibration Analysis
Machine Design in the Mechatronics Age
Development of Robot Hands
Inverted Pendulum Type Locomotive Robot Which Ascends a Slope of Maximum Inclination Angle of 30 Degrees
Recent Trends in Deburring Engineering

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