Development of a Robot Simulator for Decommissioning Tasks Utilizing Remotely Operated Robots
Tomato Growth State Map for the Automation of Monitoring and Harvesting
Study on Arbitrary Direction Navigation System for Autonomous Multirotor with Arbitrary Configuration of Rotors
Numerical Investigation on Hydrodynamic Performance of a Ducted Propeller for Vectored Underwater Robot
Utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence, and Remote Measurement Technology for Bridge Inspections
Arbitrary Viewpoint Visualization for Teleoperated Hydraulic Excavators
The University of Tokyo: Corporate Sponsored Research Program “Construction System Management for Innovation”
Proposal of Robot Software Platform with High Sustainability
Rapid Development of a Mobile Robot for the Nakanoshima Challenge Using a Robot for Intelligent Environments
Garbage Detection Using YOLOv3 in Nakanoshima Challenge
Outdoor Human Detection with Stereo Omnidirectional Cameras
Outdoor Autonomous Navigation Utilizing Proximity Points of 3D Pointcloud
Autonomous Mobile Robot for Outdoor Slope Using 2D LiDAR with Uniaxial Gimbal Mechanism
Toward Autonomous Garbage Collection Robots in Terrains with Different Elevations
Prototyping Using a Mobile Robot Platform Equipped with Low-End In-Wheel Motors
Visual Navigation Based on Semantic Segmentation Using Only a Monocular Camera as an External Sensor
Automatic Generation of Multidestination Routes for Autonomous Wheelchairs
Development of Edge-Node Map Based Navigation System Without Requirement of Prior Sensor Data Collection
Tsukuba Challenge 2019: Task Settings and Experimental Results
Special Issue on Real World Robot Challenge in Tsukuba and Osaka
Development of Birefringence Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope and its Application to Sample Measurements
Development of Rover with ARLISS Requirements and the Examination of the Rate of Acceleration that Causes Damages During a Rocket Launch
Statistical Exploration of Distributed Pattern Formation Based on Minimalistic Approach
Three-DoF Flapping-Wing Robot with Variable-Amplitude Link Mechanism
Development of a Spray-Coated Tactile Sensor – Prototype and Modeling of 2D Sensor on Cylindrical Surface –
Analysis of Fast Bipedal Walking Using Mechanism of Actively Controlled Wobbling Mass
Visualization of Voids Between Tile and Concrete by Multi-Layered Scanning Method with Electromagnetic Waves
Development of Hanger-Rope Inspection Robot for Suspension Bridges
Autonomous Adaptive Flight Control of a UAV for Practical Bridge Inspection Using Multiple-Camera Image Coupling Method
Development of a Bridge Inspection Support Robot System Using Two-Wheeled Multicopters
Reliable Activation of an EPM-Based Clinging Device for Aerial Inspection Robots
Development of Concrete Inspection Robot with Dual Stage Suckers
Development of Lifting System for High-Elevation Inspection Robot Targeting Hanger Ropes
Verification and Evaluation of Robotic Inspection of the Inside of Culvert Pipes
Development of a Peristaltic-Movement Duct-Cleaning Robot for Application to Actual Environment – Examination of Brush Type and Installation Method to Improve Cleaning Efficiency –
Shadow-Based Operation Assistant for a Pipeline-Inspection Robot Using a Variance Value of the Image Histogram
Inspection Test of a Tunnel with an Inspection Vehicle for Tunnel Lining Concrete
Shape Adaptation of the Inspection Guide Frame in Tunnels to Avoid Obstacles Detected by a Laser Range Finder
Research and Development on Robotic Technologies for Infrastructure Maintenance
Special Issue on Infrastructure Maintenance and Inspection Robotics
Dynamic Friction Characterization of a Linear Servo Motor Using an Optimal Sinusoidal Reference Tracking Controller
Field Experiment Report for Verification of Abandoned Lignite Mines by Robotic Exploration System
Individualization of Musculoskeletal Model for Analyzing Pelvic Floor Muscles Activity Based on Gait Motion Features
Group Control of Mobile Robots for More Efficient Searches – Verification of Semi-Autonomous Trajectory Tracking Motions in Irregular Ground Environment –
Low-Altitude and High-Speed Terrain Tracking Method for Lightweight AUVs
A Novel Stability Criterion of Lur’e Systems with Time-Varying Delay Based on Relaxed Conditions
Improved Synthetic Weighted Algorithm of Ontology-Based Semantic Similarity Computation
Operator-Based Control System Analysis and Design for Nonlinear System with Input and Output Constraints
Designing a Communication Field with a Transformation Method
Adaptive Generalized Predictive Controller and Cartesian Force Control for Robot Arm Using Dynamics and Geometric Identification

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