Inter-Module Physical Interactions: A Force-Transmissive Modular Structure for Whole-Body Robot Motion
Easy-Riding Compact Electric Shopping Vehicle
Active Steering Wheel System for Ultra-Compact Mobility Vehicles: Operability Evaluation with Steering Burden in Various Drivers
Geometric Correction Method Applying the Holographic Ray Direction Control Technology
Development of Automatic Chair Transport System – Chair Recognition and Approach Strategy –
VIDVIP: Dataset for Object Detection During Sidewalk Travel
Anodal Galvanic Taste Stimulation to the Chin Enhances Salty Taste of NaCl Water Solution
Analysis of Hot-Cold Confusion on Fingers
Bilaterally Shared Haptic Perception for Human-Robot Collaboration in Grasping Operation
Training to Improve the Landing of an Uninjured Leg in Crutch Walk Using AR Technology to Present an Obstacle
Device-Free Handwritten Character Recognition Method Using Acoustic Signal
Dynamic Brake Control for a Wearable Impulsive Force Display by a String and a Brake System
Leveraging Motor Babbling for Efficient Robot Learning
Electrical Muscle Stimulation to Develop and Implement Menstrual Simulator System
Local Peak Method: An Electrotactile Stimulation Method Focusing on Surface Structures for Texture Rendering
Effect of the Opponent’s Appearance on Interpersonal Cognition that Affects User-to-User Relationship in Virtual Whole-Body Interaction
Manipulating Sense of Participation in Multipartite Conversations by Manipulating Head Attitude and Gaze Direction
Virtual Mirror and Beyond: The Psychological Basis for Avatar Embodiment via a Mirror
Transparency in Human-Machine Mutual Action
Special Issue on Augmenting the Human Body and Being
Development of Ankle Support Shoes with Elastomer-Embedded Flexible Joints
Pallet Handling System with an Autonomous Forklift for Outdoor Fields
Design and Modeling of Soft Pneumatic Helical Actuator with High Contraction Ratio
Development of Non-Wearing Type Pneumatic Power Assist Device – Basic Concept and Performance Evaluation –
Development of Finger-Wrist Rehabilitation Device Using Pneumatically Driven Parallel Sticks
Realistic and Highly Functional Pediatric Externally Powered Prosthetic Hand Using Pneumatic Soft Actuators
Physical Table Identification for Nominal Hydraulic Cylinders and its Application to Pressure Estimation
Concept and Prototype of Soft Actuator for Liquid Nitrogen Temperature Environments
Active Cloth Fabricated by a Flat String Machine and its Application to a Safe Wheelchair System
Load Reduction Control on Tool-Insertion Port for Laparoscopic Surgical Robot Using Semi-Active Joints
Flowrate Measurement in a Pipe Using Kalman-Filtering Laminar Flowmeter
Development of Hydraulic Pump Drive System Using Switched Reluctance Motor with Servo Function
Viscosity Control of Magnetorheological Fluid by Power Saving Magnetizing Mechanism Using Movement of Permanent Magnet
Disposable Robotic Finger Driven Pneumatically by Flat Tubes and a Hollow Link Mechanism
Study on Human Behavior Classification by Using High-Performance Shoes Equipped with Pneumatic Actuators
Optimization of the Electrode Arrangement and Reliable Fabrication of Flexible EHD Pumps
Development of a Tetrahedral-Shaped Soft Robot Arm as a Wrist Rehabilitation Device Using Extension Type Flexible Pneumatic Actuators
Development of Pneumatically Driven Hand Capable of Grasping Flexible Objects
Experimental Study on Critical Design of Electro-Hydrostatic Actuators Small in Size and Light in Weight
A Sliding Mode Controller Using an LS-SVM Model for a Water-Hydraulic Artificial Rubber Muscle
Flexible Pneumatic Bending Actuator for a Robotic Tongue
Development of Semi-Crouching Assistive Device Using Pneumatic Artificial Muscle
Investigation of Accumulator Parameters for a Novel Hybrid Architecture
Proposal of Motion Judgment Algorithm Based on Joint Angle of Variable Elastic Assist Suit with High Back Drivability
New Robotics Pioneered by Fluid Power
Special Issue on Fluid Powered System and its Application
Centipede Type Robot i-CentiPot: From Machine to Creatures
Zombification of Insects as a Model for Searching the Source of Various Behaviors of Living Organisms
Development of Respiration Measuring Robot
Development of the Servo Valve with High Durability Using Split-Type Sleeve – Reduction of Wear with Ceramic Material –

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