Development of a Gripper with Variable Stiffness for a CT-Guided Needle Insertion Robot
Long Range Six Degree-of-Freedom Magnetic Levitation Using Low Cost Sensing and Control
Development of a Rehabilitation and Training Device Considering the Ankle Degree of Freedom
Design and Practice of a Model-Based Development Education in Hydraulic Systems
Design of a Database-Driven Kansei Feedback Control System Using a Hydraulic Excavators Simulator
Application of a MIMO-PID Controller for a Hydraulic Excavator Considering the Velocity of CoM
Hiroshima University: KOBELCO Construction Machinery Dream-Driven Co-Creation Research Center
ACDR: Autonomous-Car Drive Recorder
Mono-Camera-Based Robust Self-Localization Using LIDAR Intensity Map
Lane-Marker-Based Map Construction and Map Precision Evaluation Methods Using On-Board Cameras for Autonomous Driving
Effects of Demographic Characteristics on Trust in Driving Automation
Safety Evaluation of Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) System in Real-World Signalized Intersection
Path Planning Design for Boarding-Type Personal Mobility Unit Passing Pedestrians Based on Pedestrian Behavior
Autonomous Motion Planning in Pedestrian Space Considering Passenger Comfort
Tracking Control of a Micro Ground Vehicle Using the Course Coordinate
Automated Steering Control System for Reverse Parking Maneuver of Semi-Trailer Vehicles Considering Motion Planning by Simulation of Feedback Control System
Fast Euclidean Cluster Extraction Using GPUs
Moving Horizon Estimation with Probabilistic Data Association for Object Tracking Considering System Noise Constraint
Safety Compensation for Improving Driver Takeover Performance in Conditionally Automated Driving
HMI Design when Using Level 2 Automated Driving Function – Effects of System Status Presentation Considering the Risk of Malfunction on Driver Behavior –
Personalized Subjective Driving Risk: Analysis and Prediction
Stereo Vision by Combination of Machine-Learning Techniques for Pedestrian Detection at Intersections Utilizing Surround-View Cameras
Evolution and Evaluation of Safety Offered by Active Safety, ADAS, and AD Systems
Special Issue on Innovative Robotics and Mechatronics Technology of Modern Passenger Cars for Zeroing Traffic Accidents
MACROTIS: Cubic Robot with Snap-Through-Buckling Mechanisms for Achieving High Freedom of Movement
Trajectory Prediction with a Conditional Variational Autoencoder
Cardboard Box Depalletizing Robot Using Two-Surface Suction and Elastic Joint Mechanisms: Mechanism Proposal and Verification
Path Planning in Outdoor Pedestrian Settings Using 2D Digital Maps
Hierarchical Proximity Sensor for High-Speed and Intelligent Control of Robotic Hand
A Study on Developmentally Appropriate Programming Education Learning Materials for Lower-Elementary School Students
Implement a Program with Contents of Measurement and Control for Elementary School Science Classes
Evaluation for Task Achievement of Robotics Programming Based on Image Information
Development of Basic Training for Teaching Measurement and Control to Junior High School Students
Teaching Material Imitating the Advanced Driver-Assistance System for Measurement and Control Education
Motivation System for Students to Learn Control Engineering and Image Processing
The Educational Effects of Practical Manufacturing Activities in Graduation Research
Educational Effect of Participation in Robot Competition on Experience-Based Learning
Design of an Educational Hardware in the Loop Simulator for Model-Based Development Education
Special Issue on Education Based on Practical Exercise on Sensing and Control
Introduction to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
Motion Planning of Mobile Robots for Occluded Obstacles
Development of Educational Service Robot and Practical Training
Development of an Intersection Module for a Modularized Rail Structure – Implementation of Compliant Mechanisms for a Replacing Task of Movable Parts –
Real-Time Monocular Three-Dimensional Motion Tracking Using a Multithread Active Vision System
Acquisition of Disaster Emergency Information Using a Terrain Database by Flying Robots
Development of an Accurate Video Shooting Method Using Multiple Drones Automatically Flying over Onuma Quasi-National Park
Assessment of MUSIC-Based Noise-Robust Sound Source Localization with Active Frequency Range Filtering
Wall Inspection Robot with Maneuvering Assist Control System Against Crosswind
Teleoperated Construction Robot Using Visual Support with Drones
Controller Performance for Quad-Rotor Vehicles Based on Sliding Mode Control

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