Redesigned Microcantilevers for Sensitivity Improvement of Microelectromechanical System Tactile Sensors
Data-Driven Model-Free Adaptive Displacement Control for Tap-Water-Driven Artificial Muscle and Parameter Design Using Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning
Self-Localization of Mobile Robot Based on Beacon Beam of TOF Laser Sensor Mounted on Pan-Tilt Actuator: Estimation Method that Combines Spot Coordinates on Laser Receiver and Odometry
Method of Studying a Process of Turning in an Orthotic Robot
Development of a Real-Time Simulator for a Semi-Autonomous Tele-Robot in an Unknown Narrow Path
Analysis of Measuring Precision of 3D Model of Ishigaki Stone in Kumamoto Castle Using Automatic CMG Crane System
Human-Gait-Based Tracking Control for Lower Limb Exoskeleton Robot
Planning the Shortest Carrying Trajectory Including Path and Attitude Change Considering Gripping Constraints
An Innovative Spiral Pulley that Optimizes Cable Tension Variation for Superior Balancing Performance
Multi-Legged Inspection Robot with Twist-Based Crouching and Fine Adjustment Mechanism
Hydraulic Robotic Leg for HYDROïD Robot: Modeling and Control
Electric Field Strength Simulation Using 2D-Environment Map Generated by Tele-Operated Mobile Robot
Research on Debris Removal Robot
Development of Multi-Articulated Tracked Vehicle with a Sensorless Salvaging Bucket for Decommissioning
Design and Manufacture of a New Debris Retrieval Robot
Development of Robot Simulating Fuel Debris Retrieval
Activities of the Creative Robot Contest for Decommissioning at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tsuruoka College
Design and Fabricate of Reconnaissance Robots for Nuclear Power Plants that Underwent Accidents
Robots Climbing Up and Down a Steep Stairs and Robots Retrieving Objects from High Places
Creative Robot Contests for Decommissioning as Conceived by College of Technology or KOSEN Educators
Special Issue on Creative Robot Contest for Decommissioning
Vision-Based Sensing Systems for Autonomous Driving: Centralized or Decentralized?
Proposal of Wheeled Gait-Training Walker with Dual-Assist Arms and Preliminary Pelvis-Handling Control
Gap Traversing Motion via a Hexapod Tracked Mobile Robot Based on Gap Width Detection
Characteristics of Pneumatic Artificial Rubber Muscle Using Two Shape-Memory Polymer Sheets
Stabilization Control of Inverted Two-Wheeled Luggage Transport Vehicle Using a Kalman Filter-Based Disturbance Observer
Tracking and Visualizing Signs of Degradation for Early Failure Prediction of Rolling Bearings
Optimal Muscular Arrangement Using Genetic Algorithm for Musculoskeletal Potential Method with Muscle Viscosity
FST-Convoy: A Leader Tracking Control of Vehicles Connected by Shape Sensor FST
Projection Screen with Wide-FOV and Motion Parallax Display for Teleoperation of Construction Machinery
Perception of Vestibular Sensation During Turning Operation of Construction Machine
Osaka University: Komatsu “MIRAI” (Japanese for “Future”) Construction Equipment Cooperative Research Center
Influence of Labor Conditions and Interaction Among Individuals on Circadian Activity Rhythms in the Ant Camponotus Japonicus
A Pilot Study of the Effects of Human Intervention on Canine Group Movement Behavior
Absence of Jamming Avoidance and Flight Path Similarity in Paired Bent-Winged Bats, Miniopterus Fuliginosus
Three-Dimensional Trajectory Construction and Observation of Group Behavior of Wild Bats During Cave Emergence
Pose Estimation of Swimming Fish Using NACA Airfoil Model for Collective Behavior Analysis
Investigation of Preliminary Motions from a Static State and Their Predictability
Application of Inertial and GNSS Integrated Navigation to Seabird Biologging
Localization of Flying Bats from Multichannel Audio Signals by Estimating Location Map with Convolutional Neural Networks
Data-Driven Analysis for Understanding Team Sports Behaviors
Auditory Virtual Reality for Insect Phonotaxis
Vision-Based Finger Tapping Detection Without Fingertip Observation
Logger Attaching System for Sperm Whales Using a Drone
Seabird Biologging System with Compact Waterproof Airflow Sensor
The Lifelog Monitoring System for Honeybees: RFID and Camera Recordings in an Observation Hive
Development of Data Logger Separator for Bio-Logging of Wild Seabirds
Special Issue on Bio-Logging and Robotics
Development of a Gripper with Variable Stiffness for a CT-Guided Needle Insertion Robot
Long Range Six Degree-of-Freedom Magnetic Levitation Using Low Cost Sensing and Control

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