Development of Condition Monitoring System for Electric Resistance Spot Welding Used to Manufacture Railway Car Bodies
Analysis of Autonomous Coordination Between Actuators in the Antagonist Musculoskeletal Model
Development of a Fish-Like Robot with a Continuous and High Frequency Snap-Through Buckling Mechanism Using a Triangular Cam
FPGA Implementation of a Binarized Dual Stream Convolutional Neural Network for Service Robots
Optimal Swing Support During Walking Using Wireless Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Driver
Precision Flight Drones with RTK-GNSS
Propagation Measurements of Multi-Hop Command and Telemetry Communications System in the 169 MHz Band for Drones
Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) Simulation of Drone Delivery Models in 2030 Japan
Quadrotor Drone Hovering in Ground Effect
Small Flying Object Classifications Based on Trajectories and Support Vector Machines
Verification of Model Accuracy and Photo Shooting Efficiency of Large-Scale SfM for Flight Path Calculation
Semi-Automatic Visual Support System with Drone for Teleoperated Construction Robot
Development of a Remote-Controlled Drone System by Using Only Eye Movements: Design of a Control Screen Considering Operability and Microsaccades
Landing Site Detection for UAVs Based on CNNs Classification and Optical Flow from Monocular Camera Images
Optimal Position and Attitude Control of Quadcopter Using Stochastic Differential Dynamic Programming with Input Saturation Constraints
Feedback Control for a Drone with a Suspended Load via Hierarchical Linearization
Real-Time Visual Feedback Control of Multi-Camera UAV
Position Identification Using Image Processing for UAV Flights in Martian Atmosphere
Indoor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation System Using LED Panels and QR Codes
Aerial Manipulator Control Method Based on Generalized Jacobian
Development of Landing Rebound Reduction Mechanism Utilizing Magnetic Damper for Multicopters
Motion Analysis of Butterfly-Style Flapping Robot Using CFD Based on 3D-CAD Model and Experimental Flight Data
The WiFly: Flapping-Wing Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Center-of-Gravity Shift Mechanism
Aerial Manipulation Using Multirotor UAV: A Review from the Aspect of Operating Space and Force
Special Issue on Novel Technology of Autonomous Drone
System Integration for Component-Based Manzai Robots with Improved Scalability
Human Mimetic Forearm and Hand Design with a Radioulnar Joint and Flexible Machined Spring Finger for Human Skillful Motions
Cutting Point Detection Using a Robot with Point Clouds for Tomato Harvesting
Network Connectivity Control of Mobile Robots by Fast Position Estimations and Laplacian Kernel
Generating a Visual Map of the Crane Workspace Using Top-View Cameras for Assisting Operation
Fabrication and Characterization of a Biodegradable Hollow Microneedle from Chitosan
Fabrication of Microneedle from Stretched Biodegradable Polymer Sheet by 3D Laser Machining
Development of Microneedle Puncture Device that Prevents Buckling of Needle by Delivery Operation
Effect of Microneedle Cross-Sectional Shape on Puncture Resistance – Investigation of Polygonal and Star-Shaped Cross Sections –
Effect of Inner Diameter and Anticoagulation Coating in a Microneedle on its Blood Suction Performance
Development of Artificial Skin Using Keratin Film for Evaluation of Puncture Performance of Microneedle
High-Speed and Large-Amplitude Resonant Varifocal Mirror
Fabrication, Experiment, and Simulation of a Flexible Microvalve-Integrated Microarm for Microgrippers Using Electrorheological Fluid
Development of a Real-Time Force and Temperature Sensing System with MEMS-LSI Integrated Tactile Sensors for Next-Generation Robots
Development of MEMS Tactile Sensation Device for Haptic Robot
A MEMS Tactile Sensor with Fingerprint-Like Array of Contactors for High Resolution Visualization of Surface Distribution of Tactile Information
Tactile Sensor with High-Density Microcantilever and Multiple PDMS Bumps for Contact Detection
PDMS Soft Skin Device with Deformable Micro-Diaphragm Array Fabricated with Rapid Substrate-Releasing Process
Application of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) as Sensors: A Review
Special Issue on MEMS for Robotics and Mechatronics
Development of a Multi-Master Communication Platform for Mobile Distributed Systems
Uncertain Interval Data EFCM-ID Clustering Algorithm Based on Machine Learning
Using Uncertain DM-Chameleon Clustering Algorithm Based on Machine Learning to Predict Landslide Hazards
Synchronous Position Control of Robotics System for Infrastructure Inspection Moving on Rope Tether
Design Method of Spring Balance Mechanism Through Derivation of General Solution

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