System Integration for Component-Based Manzai Robots with Improved Scalability
Human Mimetic Forearm and Hand Design with a Radioulnar Joint and Flexible Machined Spring Finger for Human Skillful Motions
Cutting Point Detection Using a Robot with Point Clouds for Tomato Harvesting
Network Connectivity Control of Mobile Robots by Fast Position Estimations and Laplacian Kernel
Generating a Visual Map of the Crane Workspace Using Top-View Cameras for Assisting Operation
Fabrication and Characterization of a Biodegradable Hollow Microneedle from Chitosan
Fabrication of Microneedle from Stretched Biodegradable Polymer Sheet by 3D Laser Machining
Development of Microneedle Puncture Device that Prevents Buckling of Needle by Delivery Operation
Effect of Microneedle Cross-Sectional Shape on Puncture Resistance – Investigation of Polygonal and Star-Shaped Cross Sections –
Effect of Inner Diameter and Anticoagulation Coating in a Microneedle on its Blood Suction Performance
Development of Artificial Skin Using Keratin Film for Evaluation of Puncture Performance of Microneedle
High-Speed and Large-Amplitude Resonant Varifocal Mirror
Fabrication, Experiment, and Simulation of a Flexible Microvalve-Integrated Microarm for Microgrippers Using Electrorheological Fluid
Development of a Real-Time Force and Temperature Sensing System with MEMS-LSI Integrated Tactile Sensors for Next-Generation Robots
Development of MEMS Tactile Sensation Device for Haptic Robot
A MEMS Tactile Sensor with Fingerprint-Like Array of Contactors for High Resolution Visualization of Surface Distribution of Tactile Information
Tactile Sensor with High-Density Microcantilever and Multiple PDMS Bumps for Contact Detection
PDMS Soft Skin Device with Deformable Micro-Diaphragm Array Fabricated with Rapid Substrate-Releasing Process
Application of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) as Sensors: A Review
Special Issue on MEMS for Robotics and Mechatronics
Development of a Multi-Master Communication Platform for Mobile Distributed Systems
Uncertain Interval Data EFCM-ID Clustering Algorithm Based on Machine Learning
Using Uncertain DM-Chameleon Clustering Algorithm Based on Machine Learning to Predict Landslide Hazards
Synchronous Position Control of Robotics System for Infrastructure Inspection Moving on Rope Tether
Design Method of Spring Balance Mechanism Through Derivation of General Solution
A Three-Fingered Hand with a Suction Gripping System for Warehouse Automation
A Driving Simulation Study on Visual Cue Presented in the Peripheral Visual Field for Prompting Driver’s Attention
Deformation Control of a Manipulator Based on the Zener Model
3D Measurement of Large Structure by Multiple Cameras and a Ring Laser
Consideration of Multi-Degree of Freedom Vibration on Large-Sized Gantry Type Linear Motor Slider
Development of a Cross-Platform Cockpit for Simulated and Tele-Operated Excavators
Cross-Domain Change Object Detection Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Self-Localization Estimation for Mobile Robot Based on Map-Matching Using Downhill Simplex Method
Indoor Self-Localization Using Multiple Magnetic Sensors
Robust Human Tracking of a Crawler Robot
Navigation Based on Metric Route Information in Places Where the Mobile Robot Visits for the First Time
Special Issue on Probabilistic Robotics and SLAM
Vehicle Speed Control by a Robotic Driver Considering Vehicle Dynamics for Continuously Variable Transmissions
Fabrication of Magnetically Driven Biopsy Mechanism Applicable to Capsule-Type Medical Device
Effects of a Novel Sympathy-Expression Method on Collaborative Learning Among Junior High School Students and Robots
A Non-Linear Manifold Alignment Approach to Robot Learning from Demonstrations
Gait Planning and Simulation Analysis of a New Amphibious Quadruped Robots
Vision System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle with a Benthos Sampling Function
Underwater Platform for Intelligent Robotics and its Application in Two Visual Tracking Systems
Body Measurement of Reared Red Sea Bream Using Stereo Vision
Robot Navigation in Forest Management
Development of Upper-Limb Power Assist Machine Using Linkage Mechanism – Drive Mechanism and its Applications –
Automatic Measurement and Determination of Body Condition Score of Cows Based on 3D Images Using CNN
Effect for a Paddy Weeding Robot in Wet Rice Culture
Image Mosaicing Using Multi-Modal Images for Generation of Tomato Growth State Map

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