Development of Train-Boarding Assistance Device for Wheelchair
Adaptation of a Small Robot for Paddy Fields to the Water Depth Change Using Variable Legs
CameraRoach: A WiFi- and Camera-Enabled Cyborg Cockroach for Search and Rescue
Development of Haptic Pointing Devices Under the Variable Admittance Control Theory
Thermally Driven Vehicle Using Bimetal Rings
High-Dorsiflexion Assistive System for Passive Swing Phase Dorsiflexion Training and Preventing Compensatory Movements
Mobile Robot Localization Using Map Based on Cadastral Data for Autonomous Navigation
Mechanism and Effect of Tread Swing for Lower Limbs Strength Training Device
Local and Global Path Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Hierarchized Maps
Gait Rehabilitation and Locomotion Support System Using a Distributed Controlled Robot System
Development of an Underwater Robot for Detecting Shallow Water in a Port
Analysis of Timing and Effect of Visual Cue on Turn-Taking in Human-Robot Interaction
A Balance Control for the Miniature Motorcycle Robot with Inertial Rotor and Steering
Fish-Like Robot with a Deformable Body Fabricated Using a Silicone Mold
Prototype of a Continuous Passive Motion Device for the Knee Joint with a Function of Active Exercise
Measurements and Analyses of Walk Using a Novel Rollator Equipped with a Rotatable Chest Pad
Automatic Transplanting Equipment for Chain Pot Seedlings in Shaft Tillage Cultivation
Kindai University: Advanced Robotic Technology Research Center in Fundamental Technology for Next Generation Research Institute
Congratulations! Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics Best Paper Award 2021
Development of the Second Prototype of an Oral Care Simulator
Study of Neural-Kinematics Architectures for Model-Less Calibration of Industrial Robots
Development of Testbed AUV for Formation Control and its Fundamental Experiment in Actual Sea Model Basin
300-N Class Convex-Based Telescopic Manipulator and Trial for 3-DOF Parallel Mechanism Robot
Modulation of Velocity Perception by Engine Vibration While Driving
Verification of Acoustic-Wave-Oriented Simple State Estimation and Application to Swarm Navigation
Stabilization System for UAV Landing on Rough Ground by Adaptive 3D Sensing and High-Speed Landing Gear Adjustment
Effects of Presenting People Flow Information by Vibrotactile Stimulation for Visually Impaired People on Behavior Decision
Human-Like Robust Adaptive PD Based Human Gait Tracking for Exoskeleton Robot
Study on Pipetting Motion Optimization of Automatic Spheroid Culture System for Spheroid Formation
Study on Automatic Operation of Manual Wheelchair Prototype and Basic Experiments
Soft Robotics: Research, Challenges, and Prospects
Development and Experimental Verification of a Person Tracking System of Mobile Robots Using Sensor Fusion of Inertial Measurement Unit and Laser Range Finder for Occlusion Avoidance
Design and Evaluation of Attention Guidance Through Eye Gazing of “NAMIDA” Driving Agent
Generation of Optimal Coverage Paths for Mobile Robots Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
Toyohashi University of Technology: The Direction the Center for Human-Robot Symbiosis Research Should Take and its Achievements to Date
Congratulations! Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics Best Paper Award 2020
Mobile Robot Utilizing Arm Rotations – Performance of Mobile Robot Under a Gravity Environment –
Semi-Automatic Dataset Generation for Object Detection and Recognition and its Evaluation on Domestic Service Robots
Interactive Information Support by Robot Partners Based on Informationally Structured Space
Investigation of Robot Expression Style in Human-Robot Interaction
Tokyo Metropolitan University: Community-centric System Research Center
Development of Assist Suit for Squat Lifting Support Considering Gait and Quantitative Evaluation by Three-Dimensional Motion Analysis
Development of Two-Sensation Feedback Device for Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand Users – Compensation of Effect of Temperature Change on Haptic Feedback –
Motion-Assist Arm with a Passive Joint for an Upper Limb
Wearable Robot Arm with Consideration of Weight Reduction and Practicality
Development and Evaluation of a Close-Fitting Assistive Suit for Back and Arm Muscle – e.z.UP®
A Water-Hydraulic Upper-Limb Assistive Exoskeleton System with Displacement Estimation
TasKi: Overhead Work Assistance Device with Passive Gravity Compensation Mechanism
Special Issue on Wearable Robotics and Mechatronics Technology
Survey of Social Touch Interaction Between Humans and Robots

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