Identification of Shaft Stiffness and Inertias in Flexible Drive Systems
Monitoring System Using Ceiling Camera and Mobile Robot
Method to Achieve High Speed and High Recognition Rate of Goal from Long Distance for CanSat
Development of a Bimanual Wearable Force Feedback Device with Pneumatic Artificial Muscles, MR Fluid Brakes, and Sensibility Evaluation Based on Pushing Motion
Risk Factor Attitude Survey and Step of Road Detection Method About Wheelchair of Elderly Person
Model Predictive Leg Configuration Control for Leg/Wheel Mobile Robots that Adapts to Changes in Ground Level
Performance Evaluation of Image Registration for Map Images
Training Simulator for Manual Lathe Operation Using Motion Capture – Addition of Teaching Function and Evaluation of Training Effectiveness –
Autonomous Motion Control of a Mobile Robot Using Marker Recognition via Deep Learning in GPS-Denied Environments
Projection Mapping-Based Interactive Gimmick Picture Book with Visual Illusion Effects
Development of Pneumatic Artificial Rubber Muscle Using Segmented Shape-Memory Polymer Sheets
Study on an Add-on Type Electric Wheelchair Using Active Caster with the Differential Mechanism
Disaster Rescue via Multi-Robot Collaboration: Development, Control, and Deployment
Concept and Implementation of the Intuitive Controller MISORI-2: Development of a Robot Manual Controller Without Laptop and Game Controller
Development of Automatic Inspection Systems for WRS2020 Plant Disaster Prevention Challenge Using Image Processing
Development of a Flexible Assembly System for the World Robot Summit 2020 Assembly Challenge
Autonomous Pick and Place for Mechanical Assembly WRS 2020 Assembly Challenge
Coverage Motion Planning Based on 3D Model’s Curved Shape for Home Cleaning Robot
Multifunctional Shelf and Magnetic Marker for Stock and Disposal Tasks in Convenience Stores
PYNet: Poseclass and Yaw Angle Output Network for Object Pose Estimation
Special Issue on Developments and Learning from the World Robot Challenge
Congratulations! Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics Best Paper Award 2022
Development of Train-Boarding Assistance Device for Wheelchair
Adaptation of a Small Robot for Paddy Fields to the Water Depth Change Using Variable Legs
CameraRoach: A WiFi- and Camera-Enabled Cyborg Cockroach for Search and Rescue
Development of Haptic Pointing Devices Under the Variable Admittance Control Theory
Thermally Driven Vehicle Using Bimetal Rings
High-Dorsiflexion Assistive System for Passive Swing Phase Dorsiflexion Training and Preventing Compensatory Movements
Mobile Robot Localization Using Map Based on Cadastral Data for Autonomous Navigation
Mechanism and Effect of Tread Swing for Lower Limbs Strength Training Device
Local and Global Path Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Hierarchized Maps
Gait Rehabilitation and Locomotion Support System Using a Distributed Controlled Robot System
Development of an Underwater Robot for Detecting Shallow Water in a Port
Analysis of Timing and Effect of Visual Cue on Turn-Taking in Human-Robot Interaction
A Balance Control for the Miniature Motorcycle Robot with Inertial Rotor and Steering
Fish-Like Robot with a Deformable Body Fabricated Using a Silicone Mold
Prototype of a Continuous Passive Motion Device for the Knee Joint with a Function of Active Exercise
Measurements and Analyses of Walk Using a Novel Rollator Equipped with a Rotatable Chest Pad
Automatic Transplanting Equipment for Chain Pot Seedlings in Shaft Tillage Cultivation
Kindai University: Advanced Robotic Technology Research Center in Fundamental Technology for Next Generation Research Institute
Congratulations! Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics Best Paper Award 2021
Development of the Second Prototype of an Oral Care Simulator
Study of Neural-Kinematics Architectures for Model-Less Calibration of Industrial Robots
Development of Testbed AUV for Formation Control and its Fundamental Experiment in Actual Sea Model Basin
300-N Class Convex-Based Telescopic Manipulator and Trial for 3-DOF Parallel Mechanism Robot
Modulation of Velocity Perception by Engine Vibration While Driving
Verification of Acoustic-Wave-Oriented Simple State Estimation and Application to Swarm Navigation
Stabilization System for UAV Landing on Rough Ground by Adaptive 3D Sensing and High-Speed Landing Gear Adjustment
Effects of Presenting People Flow Information by Vibrotactile Stimulation for Visually Impaired People on Behavior Decision
Human-Like Robust Adaptive PD Based Human Gait Tracking for Exoskeleton Robot

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