Revisiting “Disciplinarity/Trans-Disciplinarity”
Editorial Essay
On Special Issue “A New Trend of Robot Utilizing Society”
A Revolution for Manufacturing and Daily Life Based upon Co-Operational Robot with Human – A New Era of Human-Robot Co-Operation –
Development of Robot Products for Hospital Market – A Challenge for Robot Revolution and its Actual Endeavor –
IoT Fusing Internet with Robots and its Global Innovation
Analyzing Companies and Industries’ Indicator by Using Text-Mining –The Case of 2010 and 2012’s Environmental Reports–
An Empirical Study of Sustainable Management in Shikoku Region: With Clue of Organizational Capability
An Activity Report of Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance
Innovation Process Technology An Approach by Dual ComBine Analysis and Purpose Engineering
Report of the 5th Biannual Comprehensive Symposium of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology
The Third Commendation of KIMURA Award
International Society for Mathematical Sciences
Engineering Approach to Management: Japan Industrial Management Association
Activity Report of Japan Association for Planning and Public Management
Editorial Essay
“Kawaii” as an Affective Value
On the Mid-Long Term Vision 2014 of Our Federation TRAFST
A Trial of Establishing an Approach of the Integrated Risk Management and Two Case Studies
Relevance of Management Sophistication and Integrated Reporting– From the Perspective of Sustainable Management –
An Exploratory Study on the Learning Mechanism of Global Leadership Competencies

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