Considering Human Resource Development
School of Knowledge Science for Transdisciplinary Education and Human Resources Development
Project Learning as a Means for Education of Transdisciplinary Talents
Practical Interdisciplinary Discipline System Design and Management
A Transdisciplinary Human Resource Development in the Fields of Industrial Technology at the Professional Graduate School – A Case Study at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology –
Transdisciplinary Human-Resource Development in Leading Graduate School Program
Minor Specialties in Graduate School and Human Resources Development
Future Earth – Its Research for Global Sustainability and International Collaboration
The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Editorial Essay
Reliability Engineering Association of Japan
Report of the 5th Biannual Conference of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology
The Second Commendation of KIMURA Award
Editorial Essay
About Transdisciplinarity
Naïve Design and Perspective for Mathematics for Industry
The Birth of Statistical Mathematics and its Expanding World
The Current Scope of Applied Statistics
Application of Mathematical Sciences to Industry – Computer Simulation as an Example –
The Function of Mathematical Sciences

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