Accessible Design and its International Standardization
After 3.11 – We are at the Time to Realize the Principle of the Transdisciplinality
Difference Between Inherent Safety and Probabilistic Safety Assessment
Reducing Test Time and Sample Size but Getting Higher Reliability
Meaning and Relation of Various Fields Across Boundaries in Functional Safety
On Life Cycle Costing Technology as an Engineering Discipline
About the Next-Generation Cost Information System -A Possibility of Implementation of OOCM Based on PSLX-
On Japan Society for Management Information, Inc.
The Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ)
Report of the TraFST-Symposium “What We Have to Do Now for Reconstruction of the Robust Social Infrastructure to Overcome 3.11 Disaster” on April 25, and the Statement Issued by the TraFST-Board
Editorial Essay
Bridge Over the Boundary
Ergonomics and Transdisciplinary Science and Technology
Transdisciplinary Ergonomic Approach to Railway Transport Systems
A Role of Ergonomics in Aviation Systems – Interfaces Problems Between Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers –
Application of Human Centered Design Process to Human Interface Design and Development
Innovation via Systems Science and Technology
Post-Normal Science and Global Sensitivity Analysis
Activities of Human Interface Society
Report of the 3rd Biannual Comprehensive Symposium of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology
Editorial Essay

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