Reports on a Series of “TRAFST” Forums for Transdisciplinary Approaches to More Scientific Management
Moving “Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology” into Action
Toward the Integration of Intelligence for Higher Management
A Fundamental Concept of the Service Productivity Simulator
Editorial Essay
Activities of Virtual Reality Society of Japan
The History and Future Directions of the Japan Statistical Society
Let Us Get Together to Work for Life, Social, and Environmental Problems with a Prospect of Future Science and Technology
Towards Scientific Approaches for Society Design
Why Agent-Based Modeling in Social System Analysis?
Blind Men and the Elephant: A Self-Critique of Model Building in Social Sciences
Society Design by Cognitive Systems Engineering Approach
Design Methodology for Service – From Elements to Relations –
“Place” and “Between-ness”: Philosophical Approach to the Integration of Knowledge
Recognizing Persons by Their Finger Veins
Social Research on IT Management Towards Science for Society
Problem Solving as a National Mission of Science and Technology -Opinions on the Fourth Science and Technology Basic Plan
Introduction of Robust Quality Engineering Society
What about JASAG: Japan Association of Simulation & Gaming?
Editorial Essay
Development of Performance Evaluation System in Balanced Scorecard

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