Editorial Essay
On Eastern Philosophy and the Methodology of Constructive Sciences
Editorial Essay
Toward the Establishment of Integrative and Transdisciplinary Studies of “OUKAN” in Theory and Practice
The Simulation Technology on a Common Ground for Transdisciplinary Science and Technology – Activities of Japan Society for Simulation Technology –
Toward the Society for Encouraging Women Scientists & Engineers –Introduction of IEEE Japan Council Women in Engineering Affinity Group–
Evaluation in Transdisciplinary Education and Human Resources Development – Evaluation of Educational Process and Educated Human Resources –
Some Episodes in Study Camp for Transdisciplinary Academic Roadmap
What is the Matter with Women in Research?
WISE Chuo: A Career Education Program for Female Students Majoring in Science and Technology
Why are Transdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Human Resources Needed?
Activity Report on Academic Roadmap for Transdisciplinary Science and Technology
Current Status and Issues on Developing Transdisciplinary Human Resources in Engineering Education Programs
Academic Roadmap on Integration of Knowlegde
Present Status and Issues of Transdisciplinary Human Resources Development in Companies
Findings and Recommendations Toward Fostering of Transdisciplinary Human Resources
On Special Issue on the Fostering of Female Researchers
Policy Trends to Support Female Researchers Through Competitive Project Funding
The Advancement of Women Engineers in the Workplace
Academic Roadmap for Modeling and Simulation Technology of Social Systems
Academic Roadmap on Human Life-support Technology
Biotechnology – Novel Bioproduction Processes
Precision Engineering – Key of Production (Monozukuri) Technologies
Crossing the Border : Japan Association for Social Informatics
On Special Issue on Development of Transdisciplinary Human Resources
Integration of Humanities and Sciences and Human Resources Development
Complementary Approaches for Designing and Using Complex Artifacts
SICE City: Improving Motivation in Life

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