New Challenge
Towards Recognition of “Koto-Tsukuri” and Integration of Knowledge
Mission of “Oukan”
Editorial Essay
A New Attempt Toward Academic Roadmapping
Report on the 1st Transdisciplinary Symposium
A Novel Framework for Industry-Academy Joint Projects
On the CAO Commission Research Project “Fusion of Technologies and Sciences for National Innovation Strategy”
Discipline and Transdiscipline
Extraction and Visualization of the Structure of Topics on Scientific and Technologic Researches in Japan
Semiotic Process Analysis of Dynamic Transformations in Work Procedures Within Organizational Activities
View of Artifact
Human Modeling Aiming at Social Design
SN Ratio as a Transdisciplinary Technology
Construction of Informatics of Sensing
Robustness-Preceded Multi-Criteria Design Optimization – Proposition of New Method Based on Combinational Use of Taguchi Method Concept and Nakazawa Method –
2nd Biennial Conference of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology: Cross-Disciplinary Synergy of Intellect
Activity Report: International Collaborative Research Project on Innovation Policy and Policy Analysis
Editorial Essay
View of Artifact in Japanese Culture: Bunraku Moved by Clockwork
What is Transdisciplinary Science and Technology?
Enhancement of Innovation Capability and the Roll of Transdisciplinary Science and Technology – Creation of Science & Technology to Build-up Japan in the 21st Century –
Transdisciplinary Integration of Knowledge Through the Concept of KATACHI
Transdisciplinary Aspects of Statistical Science and its Contribution to Science for Design
Transdisciplinal Considerations on Ubiquitous Services
From Duality Principle to Duality Technology

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