Editorial Essay
On Eastern Philosophy and the Methodology of Constructive Sciences
Editorial Essay
What We Can Do?
Editorial Essay
On Special Issue “A New Trend of Robot Utilizing Society”
A Revolution for Manufacturing and Daily Life Based upon Co-Operational Robot with Human – A New Era of Human-Robot Co-Operation –
Development of Robot Products for Hospital Market – A Challenge for Robot Revolution and its Actual Endeavor –
IoT Fusing Internet with Robots and its Global Innovation
Analyzing Companies and Industries’ Indicator by Using Text-Mining –The Case of 2010 and 2012’s Environmental Reports–
An Empirical Study of Sustainable Management in Shikoku Region: With Clue of Organizational Capability
An Activity Report of Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance
Considering Human Resource Development
School of Knowledge Science for Transdisciplinary Education and Human Resources Development
Project Learning as a Means for Education of Transdisciplinary Talents
Practical Interdisciplinary Discipline System Design and Management
A Transdisciplinary Human Resource Development in the Fields of Industrial Technology at the Professional Graduate School – A Case Study at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology –
Transdisciplinary Human-Resource Development in Leading Graduate School Program
Minor Specialties in Graduate School and Human Resources Development
Future Earth – Its Research for Global Sustainability and International Collaboration
The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Editorial Essay
Mathematical Analysis of Economic Networks
Analysis of Economic Mechanism Using Distribution Functions
Study on Indirect Damage of the Earthquake Disaster in the Supply Chain – Analysis of the Indirect Damage Actual Situation and Countermeasure in the East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster of the Precision Instrument Company
Risk Communication on Genetically Modified Organisms
Activity Report of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers
Editorial Essay
Meaning of Death, Value of Life and Transdisciplinary Science
Prehistory and Episodes of TraFST
Taking Lessons from Newspaper Columns in the Early Days of TraFST
Econophysics and Related Topics
Price Predictions Based on Evolvable Strategies, Principal Component Analysis, and Randomness of Data Strings
Group Correlation Structures Embedded in Financial Markets – Comparative Study Between Japan and U.S.
The Society Named Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology
About the Forum of Considering Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction from the Viewpoint of Socio-Informatics
Applications of Information Technology to Return Photo Albums Lost in Disaster Area
The Volunteer Activity after East Japan Great Earthquake 2011
Understanding the Great East Japan Earthquake – Towards the Resilient Social System –
A Study on Participatory Support Networking by Voluntary Citizens – The Lessons from the Tohoku Earthquake Disaster –
An Activity Report of Japanese Society of Applied Statistics
The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science
Editorial Essay
After 3.11 – We are at the Time to Realize the Principle of the Transdisciplinality
Difference Between Inherent Safety and Probabilistic Safety Assessment
Reducing Test Time and Sample Size but Getting Higher Reliability
Meaning and Relation of Various Fields Across Boundaries in Functional Safety
On Life Cycle Costing Technology as an Engineering Discipline
About the Next-Generation Cost Information System -A Possibility of Implementation of OOCM Based on PSLX-

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