Editorial Essay
Toward the Establishment of Integrative and Transdisciplinary Studies of “OUKAN” in Theory and Practice
Editorial Essay
Past and the Future of Oukan
New Challenge
Towards Recognition of “Koto-Tsukuri” and Integration of Knowledge
Mission of “Oukan”
Editorial Essay
Revisiting “Disciplinarity/Trans-Disciplinarity”
Engineering Approach to Management: Japan Industrial Management Association
Activity Report of Japan Association for Planning and Public Management
Editorial Essay
“Kawaii” as an Affective Value
On the Mid-Long Term Vision 2014 of Our Federation TRAFST
A Trial of Establishing an Approach of the Integrated Risk Management and Two Case Studies
Relevance of Management Sophistication and Integrated Reporting– From the Perspective of Sustainable Management –
Innovation Process Technology An Approach by Dual ComBine Analysis and Purpose Engineering
Report of the 5th Biannual Comprehensive Symposium of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology
The Third Commendation of KIMURA Award
International Society for Mathematical Sciences
An Exploratory Study on the Learning Mechanism of Global Leadership Competencies
The Current Scope of Applied Statistics
Application of Mathematical Sciences to Industry – Computer Simulation as an Example –
The Function of Mathematical Sciences
Reliability Engineering Association of Japan
Report of the 5th Biannual Conference of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology
The Second Commendation of KIMURA Award
Editorial Essay
About Transdisciplinarity
Naïve Design and Perspective for Mathematics for Industry
The Birth of Statistical Mathematics and its Expanding World
Science, Technology and Innovation for Shaping the Future Society
Trunk of Oukan
How the Notion of TRAFST Was Born?
Past, Present, and Future of the “Oukan Rengo,” the Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology
The 10 Year History of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology – From Concept Making to Practices –
Earthquake Disaster Conquest Research WG-A Report – How to Get More Resilient Societies in Order to Continue Everyday Life –
Earthquake Disaster Conquest Research WG-B Report – Advancement of the Management and Reinforcement of the Resiliency –
Earthquake Disaster Conquest Research WG-C Report – Reinforcement in Environmental Conservation and Resilient and Robust Energy Supply Systems –
Report of the 4th Biannual Comprehensive Symposium of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology
Foundation and the First Commendation of KIMURA Award
Activity Report of Japanese Society for the Science of Design
The Operations Research Society of Japan
Editorial Essay
From the Editor on this Journal
Expected Broader Activities for the Progress and Betterment of Our Society
The Role of Transdisciplinary Science and Technology to Revitarize Japan
Timeaxis Design Based on Experience Design by Narrative and Game
Accessible Design and its International Standardization
Data Centric Science and Statistical Thinking

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