JRM Vol.8 No.2 pp. 167-170
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1996.p0167


Recognition System for Awakening and Sleeping by Fuzzy Reasoning

Takashi Oyabu

Faculty of Humanities, Toyama University of International Studies, 65-1, Higashi-kuromaki, Ohyama-machi, Kami-niikawa-gun, Toyama, 930-12 Japan

November 2, 1995
November 15, 1995
April 20, 1996
Gas sensor, Sensory system, Human behavior, Fuzzy reasoning
Awakening and sleeping are recognized as human behaviors by a gas-sensor output using a fuzzy reasoning. The gas sensor is made from a tin oxide and is sensitive for various gases. The sensor output has a daily periodical pattern. The pattern descends gradually during sleeping and ascends suddenly as of awakening. Recognition is performed using the characteristics of the pattern. At that time, the min-max compositional method is adopted. There are only six rules in this system.
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T. Oyabu, “Recognition System for Awakening and Sleeping by Fuzzy Reasoning,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.8 No.2, pp. 167-170, 1996.
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