JRM Vol.3 No.1 pp. 52-56
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1991.p0052


Micro-robot Using Reversible SMA Actuator

Katsutoshi Kuribayashi

Yamaguchi University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering ka Prefecture, 2557 Tokiwadai Ube 755, Japan

February 20, 1991
Reversible shape memory alloy, Micro robot, Micro actuator, Thin film of SMA, Micro actuator
Reversible SMA (-RSMA), the so-called two way and all round SMA, is very convenient in fabricating a micronsized SMA actuator, because only one SMA material is needed for an SMA actuator. An active bending frame (-ABF) for a robot using a larger-sized RSMA sheet whose original shape was memorized round, was made and its shapes were analyzed experimentally and theoretically. Based on the theory, a homogeneous transformation matrix for the ABF was derived. A SCARA Type robot using 2 larger sized ABFs was made and was controlled by electrical current. Finally, it is shown that a thin film of reversible TiNi ally for a micron sized robot could be made by a magnetron sputtering method and by heat treatment methods, and that the frequency response of 7μm thick thin film of reversible TiNi alloy is about 5Hz.
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K. Kuribayashi, “Micro-robot Using Reversible SMA Actuator,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.3 No.1, pp. 52-56, 1991.
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