Dual-Level Template for Enhancing Resolution of Quantum Images
A New Hyperchaotic System Generated by an External Periodic Excitation and its Image Encryption Application
A Memetic Algorithm for High-Speed Railway Train Timetable Rescheduling
Learning-Based Stereoscopic View Synthesis with Cascaded Deep Neural Networks
Market Forecasting by Variable Selection of Indicators and Emotion Scores from Text Data
A Feasibility Study on Hand Gesture Intention Interpretation Based on Gesture Detection and Speech Recognition
Accurate Measurement Method of Drilling Depth Based on Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
Design and Motion Analysis of a Mobile Robot Based on Linkage Suspension
A Hybrid Path Planning and Formation Control Strategy of Multi-Robots in a Dynamic Environment
Privacy-Preserving Techniques in Social Distancing Applications: A Comprehensive Survey
Fast Search Strategy for Robots in Dynamic Home Environment
Evaluation of Tympanic Temperature, Heart Rate Variability and Finger-Foot Reaction Using VR in the Elderly
Empirical Research of Hot Topic Recognition and its Evolution Path Method for Scientific and Technological Literature
Nodal Degree Correlations Around Twitter’s Influencers Revealed by Two-Hop Followers
A Predicting Model for Near-Horizontal Directional Drilling Path Based on BP Neural Network in Underground Coal Mine
Estimation of Forearm Motion Based on EMG Using Quaternion Neural Network
Prediction of Continuous Blood Pressure Using Multiple Gated Recurrent Unit Embedded in SENet
Simultaneous Detection of Loop-Closures and Changed Objects
Embedding-Based Potential Sales Forecasting of Bread Product
Torque Control for Electric Drive System Used in Electric Vehicle in the Presence of Permanent Magnet Demagnetization Faults
Individual Differences in Cut-Out Areas of Oral Images in Oral Mucosal Disease Diagnosis Support System
High-Precision and Fast LiDAR Odometry and Mapping Algorithm
Evolutionary Computation System Solving Group Decision Making Multiobjective Problems for Human Groups
Automatic Neonatal Alertness State Classification Based on Facial Expression Recognition
Enhancement of the Individual Selectness Using Local Spatial Weighting for Immune Cells
PGFLibPy: An Open-Source Parallel Python Toolbox for Genetic Folding Algorithm
Natural Language Generation System for Knowledge Acquisition Based on Patent Database
Research on Delivery Network Optimization Based on Crowdsourcing Theory
Data Augmentation Using Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-Class Segmentation of Lung Confocal IF Images
Synthesis and Prototyping of a 6-dof Parallel Robot for the Automatic Performance of Assembly Tasks
LSTM Network Classification of Dexterous Individual Finger Movements
Calibration Cost Reduction of Indoor Localization Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon
A Color Calibration Method Based on Color Component Projection for Suppression of False Color Caused by Iterative Distribution Transfer
Target Detection Based on Variable Frame Rate Sampling of Active Light Source
A Development of Robotic Scrub Nurse System – Detection for Surgical Instruments Using Faster Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network –
Quantitative Evaluation of Post-Lunch Dip Using Event-Related Potential
PPG Signal Morphology-Based Method for Distinguishing Stress and Non-Stress Conditions
Moving Object Grasping Method of Mechanical Arm Based on Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient and Hindsight Experience Replay
Automatic Carpal Site Detection Method for Evaluation of Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Deep Learning
A Self-Localization Method Using a Genetic Algorithm Considered Kidnapped Problem
Quantitative Evaluation of Vitreous Opacities Using Motion Video Through Slit-Lamp Examination
A Culture-Based Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Optimization in Dynamic Environments
Improvement of Fuzzy Graph Drawing Using Partition Tree
Generating Maude Specifications from M-UML Statechart Diagrams
Review of Generative Adversarial Networks in Image Generation

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