Application of Bispectrum Dimensionality Reduction Method in Ultrasonic Echo Signal Processing
A Method of Empathy Robotics Based on Disgust
Trend Forecast of Shanghai Crude Oil Futures
Option Pricing for Uncertain Stock Model Based on Optimistic Value
Regenerative Braking Optimization Using Particle Swarm Algorithm for Electric Vehicle
Observation of Human Entrainment with Robot Assistance Towards Education
Semantic Segmentation of Substation Site Cloud Based on Seg-PointNet
Multimodal Analogy-Based Image Retrieval by Improving Semantic Embeddings
Strategic Transit Route Recommendation Considering Multi-Trip Feature Desirability Using Logit Model with Optimal Travel Time Analysis
Memetic Algorithm for Dynamic Joint Flexible Job Shop Scheduling with Machines and Transportation Robots
Two Degree of Freedom Dynamic Model Parameter Identification of Accelerometer Using Feature Point Coordinate Estimation and Amplitude Correction
Modified Ant Colony Optimization with Route Elimination and Pheromone Reset for Multiple Pickup and Multiple Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window
Regression Model for Optimization and Prediction of Tensile Strength of a PLA Prototype Printed
2-DOF Fractional Order PID Control Based on BP Neural Network for Atomic Force Microscope
Fuzzy Logic-Based Adaptive Aquaculture Water Monitoring System Based on Instantaneous Limnological Parameters
Detection of Japanese Quails (Coturnix japonica) in Poultry Farms Using YOLOv5 and Detectron2 Faster R-CNN
Local Mixer with Prior Position for Cars’ Type Recognition
fMaize: A Seamless Image Filtering and Deep Transfer EfficientNet-b0 Model for Sub-Classifying Fungi Species Infecting Zea mays Leaves
Mamdani Fuzzy-Based Assessment of Telework Capability of Philippine Government Employees
A Curiosity-Based Autonomous Navigation Algorithm for Maze Robot
Generalization of Tsallis Entropy-Based Fuzzy c-Means Clustering and its Behavior at the Infinity Point
Contrast Enhancement Method Based on Multi-Scale Retinex and Adaptive Gamma Correction
JACIII Distinguished Editor and Outstanding Reviewer Awards 2022
Congratulations! JACIII Best Paper and Young Researcher Awards 2022
Low-Cost Underwater Camera: Design and Development
Object Detection and Segmentation Using Deeplabv3 Deep Neural Network for a Portable X-Ray Source Model
BombNose: A Multiple Bomb-Related Gas Prediction Model Using Machine Learning with Electronic Nose Sensor Substitution Technique
A Review of Smart Battery Management Systems for LiFePO4: Key Issues and Estimation Techniques for Microgrids
Multi-Gene Genetic Programming of IoT Water Quality Index Monitoring from Fuzzified Model for Oreochromis niloticus Recirculating Aquaculture System
Oreochromis niloticus Growth Performance Analysis Using Pixel Transformation and Pattern Recognition
Characteristic Behavior of Human Multi-Joint Spatial Trajectory in Slalom Skiing
Estimation and Dynamic Evolution of Provincial Factor-Output Elasticity in China
Analysis of State Transition of COVID-19 Positive Cases in Tokyo, Japan and its Application to Agent Simulation
Transfer Learning Method for Object Detection Model Using Genetic Algorithm
An Event-Triggered Networked Predictive Control Method Using an Allowable Time Delay
Research on Edge Cloud Load Balancing Strategy Based on Chaotic Hierarchical Gene Replication
A Review on Fall Detection in Smart Home for Elderly and Disabled People
Dissociation and Recombination Processes in Lactose Monohydrate Detected by THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
Coarse TRVO: A Robust Visual Odometry with Detector-Free Local Feature
Extreme Gradient Boosting for Surface Electromyography Classification on Time-Domain Features
Design and Implementation of Environmental Monitoring System Based on Multi-Protocol Fusion Internet of Things
Proposal of Decision-Making Method Under Multi-Task Based on Q-Value Weighted by Task Priority
Computer-Based Blood Type Identification Using Image Processing and Machine Learning Algorithm
A High-Precision Power Line Recognition and Location Method Based on Structured-Light Binocular Vision
Expected Value Model of an Uncertain Production Inventory Problem with Deteriorating Items
Attribute Selection Based Genetic Network Programming for Intrusion Detection System
Digital Economy, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Labor Mismatch
The Effects of Social Network and Institutional Embeddedness on Household Consumption: Evidence from China Household Finance Survey
Influence of China’s Population Aging on Household Consumption – Based on the Data from China Family Panel Studies
Cooperative Network Embedding, Knowledge Network Structure and Technological Catch-Up of Latecomers: A Technical Standards Alliance Perspective

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