Robust Cell Image Segmentation via Improved Markov Random Field Based on a Chinese Restaurant Process Model
Visual Servoing with Deep Learning and Data Augmentation for Robotic Manipulation
POI Classification Method Based on Feature Extension and Deep Learning
A Heuristic Lowest Unknown-Degree Target Search Strategy Under Non-Structured Environment for Multi-Agent Systems
Sliding Mode Control of Lateral Semi-Active Suspension of High-Speed Train
Dynamic-Event-Based Fault Detection for Markov Jump Systems Under Hidden-Markov Mode Observation
Design and Analysis of New Asynchronous Motor Type for Electric Vehicle
Traffic Flow Prediction Model Based on Drivers’ Cognition of Road Network
A Students’ Concentration Evaluation Algorithm Based on Facial Attitude Recognition via Classroom Surveillance Video
Terminal Voltage Control Scheme of Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System with Battery Energy Storage System
Digital Empirical Research of Influencing Factors of Musical Emotion Classification Based on Pleasure-Arousal Musical Emotion Fuzzy Model
Indoor Key Point Reconstruction Based on Laser Illumination and Omnidirectional Vision
Estimation of SOC Based on LSTM-RNN and Design of Intelligent Equalization Charging System
Suppression the Disturbance of Robotic Manipulators Based on Nonlinear Disturbance Observer and Fuzzy Logic System
Entity Alignment Method of Points of Interest for Internet Location-Based Services
FR-MTL: Traffic Flow Prediction Using Fused Ridge Denoising and Multi-Task Learning
Three-Dimensional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Route Planning Using Hybrid Differential Evolution
Single Image De-Raining Using Spinning Detail Perceptual Generative Adversarial Networks
Two-Channel Feature Extraction Convolutional Neural Network for Facial Expression Recognition
The Great Depression: Econometric Analysis and Fuzzy Regression
Bilattice Logic for Rough Sets
Enhanced Resource Allocation Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Robust and Automatic Skyline Detection Algorithm Based on MSSDN
Noise Rejection Approaches for Various Rough Set-Based C-Means Clustering
MCRA: Multicost Rerouting Algorithm in SDN
Matrix-Based Collaborative Filtering Employing Personal Values-Based Modeling and Model Relationship Learning
Direct Policy Search Reinforcement Learning Based on Variational Bayesian Inference
JACIII Distinguished Editor & Outstanding Reviewer Awards 2020
Congratulations! JACIII Best Paper and Young Researcher Awards 2020
Smartphone Naïve Bayes Human Activity Recognition Using Personalized Datasets
Visualization Method Corresponding to Regression Problems and Its Application to Deep Learning-Based Gaze Estimation Model
Adaptive Personalized Multiple Machine Learning Architecture for Estimating Human Emotional States
Mixed Duopoly Stochastic Sales Model with Advertising and Experience Gains for the Public and Foreign Competitors
Building a Fuzzy System for Pulse Based Disease Diagnosis and Acupuncture Therapy
Feature Analysis for Imbalanced Learning
Projection with Gaussian Kernel for Person Re-Identification
Interestingness Improvement of Face Images by Learning Visual Saliency
Navigation Model for a Robot as a Human Group Member to Adapt to Changing Conditions of Personal Space
Improving Fairness in IEEE 802.11 EDCA Ad Hoc Networks Based on Fuzzy Logic
Modeling a Fuzzy System for Diagnosis of Syndromes with Integrated Eastern and Western Medicine Using the Importance of Symptoms
Theoretical Explanation of Recent Empirically Successful Code Quality Metrics
How to Combine (Dis)Utilities of Different Aspects into a Single (Dis)Utility Value, and How This Is Related to Geometric Images of Happiness
How to Describe Conditions Like 2-out-of-5 in Fuzzy Logic: A Neural Approach
A New (Simplified) Derivation of Nash’s Bargaining Solution
Towards Making Fuzzy Techniques More Adequate for Combining Knowledge of Several Experts
VGG-16 Convolutional Neural Network-Oriented Detection of Filling Flow Status of Viscous Food
An Approach to NMT Re-Ranking Using Sequence-Labeling for Grammatical Error Correction
Bifurcation Analysis of a Class Fractional-Oder Nonlinear Chua’s Circuit System
Determining the Most Effective Way of Ensuring a Tidying-Up Behavior: Comparison of Effects of Reminders Using Oral Instruction, Posters, and Robots
Terrain Hazard Risk Analysis for Flood Disaster Management in Chaohu Basin, China, Based on Two-Dimensional Cloud

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