Expression and Identification of Confidence Based on Individual Verbal and Non-Verbal Features in Human-Robot Interaction
Effects of Shape Characteristics on Tactile Sensing Recognition and Brain Activation
FCMLSM Segmentation of Micro-Vessels in Slight Defocused Microscopic Images
Enhanced Intersystem Handover Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Improved Two-Stage Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks
Research on Multi-Channel Semantic Fusion Classification Model
Noise Reduction with Fuzzy Inference Based on Generalized Mean and Singleton Input–Output Rules: Toward Fuzzy Rule Learning in a Unified Inference Platform
IPMSM Speed and Current Controller Design for Electric Vehicles Based on Explicit MPC
Recurrent Neural Network for Predicting Dielectric Mirror Reflectivity
A Novel Growth Evaluation System for Tobacco Planting Based on Image Classification
Joint Trajectory Planning Based on Minimum Euclidean Distance of Joint Angles of a Seven-Degrees-of-Freedom Manipulator for a Sequential Reaching Task
Analysis of Velocity Pattern of a Power-Assisted Mobile Robot
Barrage Text Classification with Improved Active Learning and CNN
Interaction Between Population Aging and Technological Innovation: A Chinese Case Study
Congratulations! JACIII Best Paper, Young Researcher, & Best Review Paper Awards 2019
A Parallel Algorithm for Mining Non-Redundant Recurrent Rules from a Sequence Database
Efficient Corpus Creation Method for NLU Using Interview with Probing Questions
Joint Graph Regularization in a Homogeneous Subspace for Cross-Media Retrieval
MR-AntMiner: A Novel MapReduce Classification Rule Discovery with Ant Colony Intelligence
Developing End-to-End Control Policies for Robotic Swarms Using Deep Q-learning
Global Thresholding for Scene Understanding Towards Autonomous Drone Navigation
A Secure Virtual Machine Allocation Strategy Against Co-Resident Attacks
Evaluation Method for Complex Electromagnetic Environment
Emotion Recognition Based on Multi-Composition Deep Forest and Transferred Convolutional Neural Network
Feature Extraction of Mild Cognitive Impairment Using a Dual-Task of Drawing and Counting Test
Study on Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Model Fusing User Reviews
Scalable Blockchain Protocol Based on Proof of Stake and Sharding
Combination of Improved OGY and Guiding Orbit Method for Chaos Control
Neural Network Based Online Anthropomorphic Performance Decision-Making Approach for Dual-Arm Dulcimer Playing Robot
Solving the Time-Varying Cobb-Douglas Production Function Using a Varying-Coefficient Quantile Regression Model
Asymmetric MF-DCCA Method Based on Fluctuation Conduction and its Application in Air Pollution in Hangzhou
Discrete Adaptive Control with Multiple-Step-Guess Estimation for Brushless DC Motor
Image Encryption Algorithm Based on a Hyperchaotic System and Fractional Fourier Transform
Real-Time Performance Evaluation of the Combustion Process of Coke Oven
Real-Time Optical Music Recognition System for Dulcimer Musical Robot
Mining Association Rules on Enrollment Information of Higher Vocational Colleges Using the Apriori Algorithm
An Objective Indicator Focused on the Symmetrical Movements of the Arms to Assess Gait Stability
Designation of Candidate Solutions in Differential Evolution Based on Bandit Algorithm and its Evaluation
Estimation of Object Motion State Based on Adaptive Decorrelation Kalman Filtering
Bifurcation Analysis and Impulsive Control of Genetic Regulatory Networks with Multi Delays
Optical Flow for Real-Time Human Detection and Action Recognition Based on CNN Classifiers
Quantum Implementation of Powell’s Conjugate Direction Method
Ancient Chinese Sentence Segmentation Based on Bidirectional LSTM+CRF Model
Index-Based Notation for Random Variable and Probability Space
Scalable Change Detection Using Place-Specific Compressive Change Classifiers
Object-Oriented 3D Semantic Mapping Based on Instance Segmentation
Modeling the Effects of Coordinating Macro-Prudential Rule and Monetary Policy
Influencing Mechanism of Patent Alliance on Technical Innovation from Network Effects Perspective
Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Distribution of China’s Stock Returns: An External Perspective
Explaining Disparities in AH Stock Premium Returns with Chinese Economic Policy Uncertainty: Evidence Based on a Non-Parametric Analysis

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