Pruned Fast Learning Fuzzy Approach for Data-Driven Traffic Flow Prediction
Detecting Ellipses in Embryo Images Using Arc Detection Method with Particle Swarm for Blastomere-Quality Measurement System
Signal Processing on Precursory “Fingerprint” Image Pattern Feature of Yushu Earthquake
Simulation of Human Detection System Using BRIEF and Neural Network
A Control System for the Ball Mill Grinding Process Based on Model Predictive Control and Equivalent-Input-Disturbance Approach
Using the Characteristic Equation to Estimate the Initial Values for Numerical Forecasts
Using Data Mining on Students’ Learning Features: A Clustering Approach for Student Classification
Adaptive Critic Design with Local Gaussian Process Models
Demagnetization Faults Robust Detection Method Based on an Adaptive Sliding Mode Observer for PMSM
Block Sparse Signal Reconstruction Using Block-Sparse Adaptive Filtering Algorithms
Sliding Mode MPPT Controller for Photovoltaic Systems Under Partial Shading Conditions
Intelligent Nadaboost-ELM Modeling Method for Formation Drillability Using Well Logging Data
Robust Stability of Discrete-Time Randomly Switched Delayed Genetic Regulatory Networks with Known Sojourn Probabilities
An Improved TL Buck Converter for Fast-Charging Energy Storage System Using UCs
An Adaptive Fast Charging Strategy for LiFePO4 Battery Applied to Heavy-Haul Train ECP Brake System
Discrete Wavelet Transfer Based BPNN for Calculating Carbon Efficiency of Sintering Process
Design of New Pumping Cavity with Compound Parabolic Concentrator for Solar-Pumped Laser
Exponential-Weighting-Based Maximum Likelihood for Determining Measurement Random Latency Probability in Network Systems
A Novel Micro-Pressure Power Generation System Based on Super Capacitor Energy Storage and PI Controller
Delay Compensation for Teleoperation Systems Based on Communication Disturbance Observers
Image Clustering Using Active-Constraint Semi-Supervised Affinity Propagation
Mining Time-Interval Sequential Patterns with High Utility from Transaction Databases
Extraction and Classification of the Cultural Relic Model Based on Local Geometric Features
A Novel Approach for Determining Distributed Generations Penetration Level Using Least Square Minimization (LSM) Curve Fitting
Analysis of Water Quality of Lake Hachiroko in Japan Using a Fuzzy Multiple Regression Model with ALOS AVNIR-2 Data
Visualization of Learning Process in “State and Action” Space Using Self-Organizing Maps
Dynamical Model of Walking Transition Considering Nonlinear Friction with Floor
Experimental Evaluation of Cell Balancing Algorithms with Arduino Based Monitoring System
Prototype Development of Image Editing Systems Available for Visually Impaired People and Consideration of Their User Interfaces
From Linguistic to Conceptual: A Framework Based on a Pipeline for Building Ontologies from Texts
Applying Intelligent Adaptation to Remote Cloud Datacenter Backup
Geometric Relation-Based Cognitive Sharing for Flying and Ground Mobile Robot Cooperation
Design of Context Search Engine Based on Analysis of User’s Search Intentions
Computer-Generated Emotional Face Retrieval with P300 Signals of Multiple Subjects
Template-Based Model for Mongolian-Chinese Machine Translation
Predicting POI Visits in a Heterogeneous Location-Based Social Network
Classification of Street Lighting Conditions for a Community-Centric System
Personal Values-Based Item Modeling and its Application to Recommendation with Explanation
Simulation Study on Battery State of Charge Estimation Using Kalman Filter
Comparison of Cluster Validity Measures Based x-Means
Utterance Generation Based on Driving Evaluation for Driving Assistance Robot
Network Teleoperation Robot System Control Based on Fuzzy Sliding Mode
Method for Combining Paraconsistency and Probability in Temporal Reasoning
Proposed Traffic Light Control Mechanism Based on Multi-Agent Coordination
Evolution Strategy Sampling Consensus for Robust Estimator
An Interpretability-Accuracy Tradeoff in Learning Parameters of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems
A System for the Comprehensive Quantification of Real-Time Heartbeat Activity
Chinese Person Name Disambiguation Based on Two-Stage Clustering
Evaluation of an OpenCL-Based FPGA Platform for Particle Filter
Real-Time 3D Visualization and Navigation Using Fiber-Based Endoscopic System for Arthroscopic Surgery

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