On Hierarchical Linguistic-Based Clustering
Priority Rule-Based Construction Procedure Combined with Genetic Algorithm for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
Marginal Model Synthesization Algorithm for Data Envelopment Analysis and its Application
Three Layers Framework Concept for Adjustable Artificial Intelligence
An Algebraic Aspect of Correspondences Between Implicational Fragment Logics and Fuzzy Logics
Bezdek-Type Fuzzified Co-Clustering Algorithm
Protein Entity Name Recognition Using Orthographic, Morphological and Proteinhood Features
Robust Estimation of Camera Homography by Fuzzy RANSAC Algorithm with Reinforcement Learning
Q-Learning in Continuous State-Action Space with Noisy and Redundant Inputs by Using a Selective Desensitization Neural Network
On the Optimal Hyperparameter Behavior in Bayesian Clustering
Partially Exclusive Item Partition in MMMs-Induced Fuzzy Co-Clustering and its Effects in Collaborative Filtering
Distributed Mining of Closed Patterns from Multi-Relational Data
Controller Designs for a Class of Polynomial Fuzzy Models
Design and Evaluation of Consumer-Oriented Reviewing Platform with Receipt Log
A Comparison of Ligament Tensions Between Intra- and Extra-Articular Measurement in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
An Evolutionary Method for Associative Contrast Rule Mining from Incomplete Database
On a Family of New Sequential Hard Clustering
Improving Rough Set Rule-Based Classification by Supplementary Rules
A Maximizing Model of Spherical Bezdek-Type Fuzzy Multi-Medoids Clustering
Cognitive Training System for Dementia Prevention Using Memory Game Based on the Concept of Human-Agent Interaction
Fuzzy Co-Clustering Induced by Multinomial Mixture Models
Finding All Solutions of Systems of Nonlinear Equations Using Spiral Dynamics Inspired Optimization with Clustering
Visualizing State of Time-Series Data by Supervised Gaussian Process Dynamical Models
Analysis of Pareto Solutions Based on Non-Correspondence in Spread Between Objective Space and Design Variable Space
Security Risk Assessment: Towards a Justification for the Security Risk Factor Table Model
Multi-Dimension Uncertain Linear Quadratic Optimal Control with Cross Term
A Maximizing Model of Bezdek-Like Spherical Fuzzy c-Means
On Sequential Cluster Extraction Based on L1-Regularized Possibilistic c-Means
The Improvement of Optimality Test over Possible Reaction Set in Bilevel Linear Optimization with Ambiguous Objective Function of the Follower
On Estimation of Tangential Force in Railways Brake Systems by Fuzzy Inference
On Objective-Based Rough Clustering with Fuzzy-Set Representation
Fuzzy c-Means with Quadratic Penalty-Vector Regularization Using Kullback-Leibler Information for Uncertain Data
Portfolio Optimization of Financial Returns Using Fuzzy Approach with NSGA-II Algorithm
Using Brainwaves and Eye Tracking to Determine Attention Levels for Auto-Lighting Systems
Risk Evaluation of Strategic Emerging Industries’ Technical Standards Alliances: The Ecosystem Perspective
Difference Between Chinese and US Stock Markets: Determinants, Mechanisms, and Impact
Optimal Outpatient Appointment System with Uncertain Parameters Using Adaptive-Penalty Genetic Algorithm
How Design Quality Improves with Increasing Computational Abilities: General Formulas and Case Study of Aircraft Fuel Efficiency
Minimax Portfolio Optimization Under Interval Uncertainty
A Class Association Rule Based Classifier Using Probability Density Functions for Intrusion Detection Systems
Mathematical Morphology Based Image Segmentation and Character String Extraction Using Fuzzy Inference
Motion Segmentation and Recognition for Imitation Learning and Influence of Bias for Learning Walking Motion of Humanoid Robot Based on Human Demonstrated Motion
Unsupervised Part-Based Scene Modeling for Map Matching
Complex Multi-Issue Negotiation Using Utility Hyper-Graphs
Solving the Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model with Stochastic Volatility: An Application in China
Understanding the Influence of Interest Rate Liberalization on Economic Structure and Monetary Policy
A Heuristic Algorithm Based on Leadership Strategy: Leader of Dolphin Herd Algorithm (LDHA)
Quantitative Analysis Method of EXRBAC Model with N-Dimensional Security Entropy
Multiple Description Based on Fractal
Asset Structure and Solvency of Insurance Companies in China with Path Identification Model

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