User Kansei Clothing Image Retrieval System
Effective Method for Wind and Solar Power Grid Systems Based on Recurrent Neural Networks
Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Diffuse Optical Tomography of the Human Brain: Human Experimental Study
Communication Support System Between Japanese Patients and Foreign Doctors Using Onomatopoeia to Express Pain Symptoms
Clinical Nurses’ Awareness Structure of Delirium – An Analysis of Spontaneous Utterances in a Group Interview by DEMATEL Method –
On Bayesian Clustering with a Structured Gaussian Mixture
Monthly Maximum Accumulated Precipitation Forecasting Using Local Precipitation Data and Global Climate Modes
Mutually Dependent Markov Decision Processes
Interest Rate Liberalization and Fiscal Policy in China: A New Keynesian DSGE Model
Mixed Oligopoly: Analysis of Consistent Equilibria
Analysis of Consistent Equilibria in a Mixed Duopoly
Application of Rough Set-Based Information Analysis to Questionnaire Data
Estimating Writing Neatness from Online Handwritten Data
Variable Neighborhood Model for Agent Control Introducing Accessibility Relations Between Agents with Linear Temporal Logic
Crisp and Fuzzy Granular Hierarchical Structures Generated from a Free Monoid
Special Issue on Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics 2013
Rule Representation for Nursing-Care Process Evaluation Using Decision Tree Techniques
Discrete Sliding-Mode Control for a Class of T-S Fuzzy Models with Modeling Error
Visualizing Fuzzy Relationship in Bibliographic Big Data Using Hybrid Approach Combining Fuzzy c-Means and Newman-Girvan Algorithm
Implementation of High-Precision Magnetostrictive-Type Liquid Level Measurement System UsingWavelet Transform
A Study on Guiding an Attention Direction of a Driver by an Ambient Visual Mark
Quantitative Common Sense Estimation System and its Application for Membership Function Generation
A Study on Computational Time Reduction of Road Obstacle Detection by Parallel Image Processor
Collision Avoidance in Multiple-Ship Situations by Distributed Local Search
A Three-Dimensional Evaluation of EndoButton Displacement Direction After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in CT Image Using Tunnel Axis
Estimation of Seaweed Twist Based on Diffusion Kernels in Physical Simulation
Label Propagation for Text Classification Using Latent Topics
Weather Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Network and Bayesian Network
Neuro-Fuzzy Control Techniques for Optimal Water Quality Index in a Small Scale Tiger Prawn Aquaculture Setup
Selection of Logistic Web Services Based on Fuzzy Evaluation on Principal Component of Quality of Service
Implementation of Wavelets and Artificial Neural Networks in Colonic Histopathological Classification
Bag-of-Bounding-Boxes: An Unsupervised Approach for Object-Level View Image Retrieval
Synchronized Dual Camera Vision System for Locating and Identify Highly Dynamic Objects
Swarm Robot System for Underwater Communication Network
Femtosecond Pulsed Laser Deposition of Graphite on Silicon and Copper Foil
Solar-Powered Field Server and Aerator Development for Lake Palakpakin
Optimizing Friction Stir Welding of Al 6061 Alloy Using Statistical Analysis
Swarming Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Quadrotors – Swarm Behavior for Aggregation, Foraging, Formation, and Tracking –
3D Measurement of a Moving Object Using a Moving Camera Attached with a 6-Axis Sensor
Advanced Concept Offshore Wind Turbine Development
Preventing Large-Scale Emergencies in Modern Power Systems: AI Approach
Artificial Neural Networks for Earthquake Anomaly Detection
Incremental Learning on a Budget and its Application to Quick Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic Systems
A Probabilistic WKL Rule for Incremental Feature Learning and Pattern Recognition
Implementation of an Intelligent System for Identifying Vessels Exhibiting Abnormal Navigation Patterns
Improvement of PCA-Based Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Using Distance Statistics
Decimation-Free Directional Filter Banks for Classification and Numbering on Posterior Dental Radiography Using Mesiodistal Neck Detection
Estimation of Locations of Densely Distributed Subjects Using NMF with Nonpixel Information
Analysis of a Public Good Game Permitted New Entries: a Role of Defectors to Maintain Cooperation
Influence of Payoff in Meta-Rewards Game

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