Cooperative Transport by a Swarm Robotic System Based on CMA-NeuroES Approach
Designing Internal Reward of Reinforcement Learning Agents in Multi-Step Dilemma Problem
Fractal-Based Analysis for the Energy Consumption Efficiency of Biological Networks
Construction of a Molecular Learning Network
Development of Ghost Controller for Ms Pac-Man Versus Ghost Team with Grammatical Evolution
Understanding Geographic Attentions of Crowd from Photographing Information
Influence of Field Structure on the Multi-Agent Coverage Algorithm on Unknown Fields
On the Impact of Path Redundancy Awareness in Evolutionary P2P Networking
User-Friendly Simulator for Open Modeling by Hierarchically Management
Modeling and Simulation of Road Traffic Behavior: Artificial Drivers with Personality and Emotions
Improvement of Eye Gesture Interface
Special Issue on Latest Developments in Intelligent and Evolutionary Systems
LUT Controller Design with Piecewise Bilinear Systems Using Estimation of Bounds for Approximation Errors
An Automatic Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Screw Placement After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using MDCT Images
Step Output Tracking Controller Design for Networked Control Systems
Design of Compensator for Input Dead Zone of Actuator Nonlinearities
Use of Colored Reflectors for Negation or Highlighting of Scanned Color Information on Film-Based CIELAB-Coded Optical Logic Gate Models
Primitive Optical Computing Model with Films: Boolean Conjunction of the Square Matrix-Arrayed Color Codes
Evaluation of Haptic Interaction in Intercultural Online Negotiation
An Algorithm for Recomputing Concepts in Microarray Data Analysis by Biological Lattice
Recognition of Indoor Environment by Robot Partner Using Conversation
An Intelligent Security Camera System for Kidnapping Detection
Fingernail Detection System Using Differences of the Distribution of the Nail-Color Pixels
Acquisition of Dispatching Rules for Job-Shop Scheduling Problem by Artificial Neural Networks Using PSO
Acceleration of Reinforcement Learning with Incomplete Prior Information
Observation of Synchronization Phenomena in Structured Flocking Behavior
An Influence of Player’s Ballot-Weight Changing in Consultation Algorithm
Generating Cooperative Collective Behavior in Swarm Robotic Systems
Design and Implementation of a Data-Oriented Nonlinear PID Controller
Improving the Search Ability of Tabu Search in the Distribution Network Reconfiguration Problem
Aligning Mental Representations
Multi-Level Control of Fuzzy-Constraint Propagation in Inference Based on α-Cuts and Generalized Mean
Nonlinear Friction Estimation in Elastic Drive Systems Using a Dynamic Neural Network-Based Observer
Gradient-Related Non-Photorealistic Rendering for High Dynamic Range Images
Resource-Aware Clustering Based AODVjr Routing Protocol in the Internet of Things
Spectral Classification of Oral and Nasal Snoring Sounds Using a Support Vector Machine
Assessment of Electromagnetic Frequency Sounding Problem in a Near Surface Geological Environment
Ink Diffusion Simulation for 3D Virtual Calligraphy
Tailor-Made Plate Design and Manufacturing System for Treating Bone Fractures in Small Animals
PHOTMOSPHERE: A System for Amplifying Connection Between Memory and Record
Spherical Visualization of Image Data with Clustering
Interlinking Distributed Services for Workflow-as-a-Service Based on Linked Data
A Study on the Effect of Learning Parameters for Inducing Compact SVM
Non Metric Model Based on Rough Set Representation
Comparison of Baselines in Extraction of F-Responses
Dynamic Scheduling Approaches to Wafer Test Scheduling with Unpredictable Error
Ordered Weighted Averages on Intervals and the Sub/Super-Additivity
Relational Fuzzy c-Means and Kernel Fuzzy c-Means Using an Object-Wise β-Spread Transformation
Nearest Prototype and Nearest Neighbor Clustering with Twofold Memberships Based on Inductive Property
Obtaining Admissible Preference Orders Using Hierarchical Bipolar Sugeno and Choquet Integrals

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