Supervised Learning-Based Feature Selection for Mondrian Paintings Style Authentication
Autonomous Vehicle Path Tracking Based on Natural Gradient Methods
A Variable Step Size Incremental Conductance Direct MPPT Method for Stand-Alone PV Systems
A Multi-Agent Personalized Query Refinement Approach for Academic Paper Retrieval in Big Data Environment
Risk Assessment Model of Maritime Traffic in Time-Variant CPA Environments in Waterway
Special Issue on Advanced Intelligent Systems
An Explicit Memory Scheme of Genetic Network Programming
A Mutual-Information-Based Global Matching Method for Chest-Radiography Temporal Subtraction
Hard c-Means Using Quadratic Penalty-Vector Regularization for Uncertain Data
Hard and Fuzzy c-Means Clustering with Conditionally Positive Definite Kernel
Comparison of Semi-Supervised Hierarchical Clustering Using Clusterwise Tolerance
Sequential Regression Models with Pairwise Constraints Using Noise Clusters
Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Without Reversals on Dendrograms Using Asymmetric Similarity Measures
A Dynamic Risk Allocation of Value-at-Risks with Portfolios
Multi-Scale Bag-of-Features for Scalable Map Retrieval
Entropy-Regularized Fuzzy Clustering for Non-Euclidean Relational Data and Indefinite Kernel Data
Rebo: A Pet-Like Strokable Remote Control
Introduction of Fixed Mode States into Online Reinforcement Learning with Penalties and Rewards and its Application to Biped Robot Waist Trajectory Generation
A Time-Delay-Dependent Approach for a Class of T-S Fuzzy Models with Time Delays and Uncertainties
Localization with a Mobile Anchor Using ABC-GA Hybrid Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
An Adaptation System in Unknown Environments Using a Mixture Probability Model and Clustering Distributions
Human-Machine Cooperation in an iSpace Robot Room
An Evaluation Strategy for Visual Key Image Retrieval on Mobile Devices
Proposal of Method “Motion Space” to Express Movement of Robot
A Person Identification Method Using a Top-View Head Image from an Overhead Camera
A Combined Method Based on SVM and Online Learning with HOG for Hand Shape Recognition
Optimal Parameter Setting of Active-Contours Using Differential Evolution and Expert-Segmented Sample Image
Development of a System Incorporating a Multifunctional Actuator Using an Intelligent Multifunction Control Method
Modeling Approach Based on Modular Fuzzy Model
Drawing Algorithm for Fuzzy Graphs Using the Partition Tree
Representing Visual Complexity of Images Using a 3D Feature Space Based on Structure, Noise, and Diversity
Process Estimation of Word-of-Mouth Information Spread Based on Ad Hoc Communications
Topic Tracking Based on Identifying Proper Number of the Latent Topics in Documents
Latent Topic Estimation Based on Events in a Document
On the Monotonicity of Fuzzy Inference Models
Professor Ebrahim Mamdani Memorial Issue
A Cooperative Coevolutionary Stock Trading Model Using Genetic Network Programming-Sarsa
Japanese Economic Analysis by Possibilistic Regression Model Building Through Possibility Maximization
The Cluster-Weighted DEMATEL with ANP Method for Supplier Selection in Food Industry
Strategic Management and Design Innovation in the Long-Standing Company Kyogashi Master “Suetomi”
The Relationship Between Brand Integrity and Business Continuity – A Case Study of Japanese Long-Standing Company, Shioyoshiken –
360 Degree Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty in Mexican Population
PSO-Particle Filter-Based Biometric Measurement for Human Tracking
Building a Type-2 Fuzzy Qualitative Regression Model
New Approach for Antisense Oligonucleotide-Mediated Exon Skipping in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
An Affective Approach to Developing Marketing Strategies of Mineral Water
Finite Element Analysis of Tsunami by Viscous Shallow-Water Equations
Semi-Qualitative Trend Analysis for the Monitoring of Process Control Loops
A Large-Scale Magnetostatic Analysis Using an Iterative Domain Decomposition Method Based on the Minimal Residual Method
Nonlinear Dynamic System Identification Using Volterra Series: Multi-Objective Optimization Approach

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