Psychological Effects of a Self-Sufficiency Model Based on Urge System
Relationship Between Mechadroid Type C3 and Human Beings Based on Physiognomic Features
Psychological Effects of Color in Overview+Detail Document Interface
Personal Preference Analysis for Emotional Behavior Response of Autonomous Robot in Interactive Emotion Communication
Behavior Generation and Evaluation of Negotiation Agent Based on Negotiation Dialogue Instances
Toward Strategic Human Skill Development Through Human and Agent Interaction: Improving Negotiation Skill by Interacting with Bargaining Agent
A Method for Using Discounted Utterances in Spontaneous Conversation
Robot Group Adaptation Gestures Based on Utterance Content and Social Position
Observed Body Clustering for Imitation Based on Value System
Role of Pre-Operation in Experiencing Differently Sized Hands
Directional Intention Identification for Running Control of an Omnidirectional Walker
Development of Automatic Pattern Generation System Based on User Impressions
An Integrated Perceptual System of Different Perceptual Elements for an Intelligent Robot
Attentive Deskwork Support System
Special Issue on Human Symbiotic System
A Dual-Axis Liquid-Rate Microgyroscope Using Electro-Conjugate Fluid
Conversation System with State Information
Implementation of Neural Network Models for Parameter Estimation of a PEM-Electrolyzer
An Analysis of Group Recommendation Strategies
An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Develop a Time-Series Prediction Model of the Arc Furnace Resistance
FPGA-Based Relative Distance Estimation for Indoor Robot Control Using Monocular Digital Camera
Intelligent Intrusion Detection Based on Genetically Tuned Artificial Neural Networks
How AI-Type Uncertainty Ideas Can Improve Inter-Disciplinary Collaboration and Education: Lessons from a Case Study
Linguistic Geometry: The Age of Maturity
Special Issue on AISAT 2009 – Selected Papers
High-Speed Maximum Power Point Tracker for Photovoltaic Systems Using Online Learning Neural Networks
An Indoor Positioning System Based on Probabilistic Model with ZigBee Sensor Networks
Effect of Overconfident Investor Behavior to Stock Market
Similarity Computation Method for Collaborative Filtering Based on Optimization
Spatial Object Segmentation Using Stereo Images
Posture Estimation of Human Body Based on Connection Relations of 3D Ellipsoidal Models
Recommendation System Using Weighted TF-IDF and Naive Bayes Classifiers on RSS Contents
Applying Naive Bayes Classifier to Document Clustering
Basic Study on Assembling of Objective Functions in Many-Objective Optimization Problems
Special Issue on Advances in Computational Intelligence, Learning and Their Applications
Interactive Learning of Verbal Descriptors Meanings for Face Drawing System
An Online Incremental Semi-Supervised Learning Method
Inference Based on α-Cut and Generalized Mean in Representing Fuzzy-Valued Functions
Task Allocation in Multistate Systems
Guaranteed Cost Output Feedback Control of Fuzzy Systems via LMI Approach
Implementation of Passive Telemetry RF Sensor System Using Unscented Kalman Filter Algorithm
A New Trajectory Generation Scheme for Direction Turning in Biped Walking
Special Issue on ISIS 2009, Dong-A University, Busan, Korea
Using Planning and Case-Based Reasoning for Service Composition
A Signal-Representation-Based Parser to Extract Text-Based Information from the Web
A BPEL-Based Fault-Handling Architecture for Telecom Operation Support Systems
Integrating Process and Work Breakdown Structure with Design Structure Matrix
Special Issue on Software Engineering for Web Intelligence
Genetic Network Programming with Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for Class Association Rule Mining in Traffic Prediction
A Double-Deck Elevator Systems Controller with Idle Cage Assignment Algorithm Using Genetic Network Programming

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