Product-Impression Analysis Using Fuzzy C4.5 Decision Tree
Learning and Technical Market -Effects of In-Sample Data Selection-
Traffic Flow Prediction with Genetic Network Programming (GNP)
Global Optimal Routing Algorithm for Traffic Systems with Multiple ODs
Capacity Expansion Problem by Monte Carlo Sampling Method
Acquiring a Government Bond Trading Strategy Using Reinforcement Learning
Exemplar Generalization in Reinforcement Learning: Improving Performance with Fewer Exemplars
A New Improved Penalty Avoiding Rational Policy Making Algorithm for Keepaway with Continuous State Spaces
Time Horizon Generalization in Reinforcement Learning: Generalizing Multiple Q-Tables in Q-Learning Agents
Multiple-Timescale PIA for Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Information Theoretic Approach for Measuring Interaction in Multiagent Domain
Is Gradient Descent Update Consistent with Accuracy-Based Learning Classifier System?
Analyzing Strength-Based Classifier System from Reinforcement Learning Perspective
Exploitation-Oriented Learning PS-r#
About Profit Sharing Considering Infatuate Actions
Construction of Semi-Markov Decision Process Models of Continuous State Space Environments Using Growing Cell Structures and Multiagent k-Certainty Exploration Method
Eligibility Propagation to Speed up Time Hopping for Reinforcement Learning
Special Issue on New Trends in Reinforcement Learning
Q Value-Based Dynamic Programming with Boltzmann Distribution for Global Optimal Traffic Routing Strategy
Object Categorization Using Biologically Inspired Nodemaps and the HITEC Categorization System
Combination of Two Evolutionary Methods for Mining Association Rules in Large and Dense Databases
Genetic Network Programming with Rule Accumulation and its Application to Tile-World Problem
Comparison of Traditional 2D and Virtual Patterns Design in 3D
Bias of Standard Errors in Latent Class Model Applications Using Newton-Raphson and EM Algorithms
Modelling Numerical and Spatial Uncertainty in GrayscaleImage Capture Using Fuzzy Set Theory
A Granular Unified Min-Max Fuzzy-Neuro Framework for Learning Fuzzy Systems
A Granular Framework for Recognition of Arabic Handwriting
Special Issue on Soft Computing for Modeling and Simulation
Text-Style Conversion of Speech Transcript into Web Document for Lecture Archive
Relative Relaxation and Weighted Information Loss to Simplify and Stabilize Feature Detection
Gender and Age Classification Based on Pattern of Human Motion Using Choquet Integral Agent Networks
Analysis of NSGA-II and NSGA-II with CDAS, and Proposal of an Enhanced CDAS Mechanism
Vehicle Appearance Model for Recognition System Considering the Change of Imaging Condition
Extraction of Evaluation Keywords for Analyzing Product Evaluation in User-Reviews Using Hierarchical Keyword Graph
Online Signature Verification Based on User-Generic Fusion Model with Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Taking into Account User Individuality
Image Morphing and Warping: Application to Speech Simulation Using a Single Image
Rough Set Approach for Overall Performance Improvement of an Unsupervised ANN-Based Pattern Classifier
Clustering Algorithm Based on Probabilistic Dissimilarity
On Tolerant Fuzzy c -Means Clustering
Kernel Canonical Discriminant Analysis Based on Variable Selection
Human Resource Selection Based on Performance ClassificationUsingWeighted Support Vector Machine
Averaging Forest for Online Vision
A 3D Pseudo-Reconstruction from Single ImageBased on Vanishing Point
Social Effects of Robot Therapy in a Care House
– Change of Social Network of the Residents for One Year –
Proposal of a Method to Extract Arbitrary FiguresUsing One-Dimensional Histograms
Multiobjective Random Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems Based on the Possibility Maximization Model
Effect on EEGs When Listening to Harmony
Clustering Based on Multiple Criteria for LVQ and K-Means Algorithm
An Application of Rough Set Analysis toa Psycho-Physiological Study – Assessing the RelationBetween Psychological Scale and Immunological Biomarker
Special Issue on Selected Papers from SCIS & ISIS 2008 No.2

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